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Papersky Tote Bag

This eco friendly Papersky Airplane logo tote is officially tagged with the Japanese 'Eco Mark' (two arms hugging the earth). The bag is a perfect... »STORY


Nalgene Bottle (500ml)

A light weight virtually indestructible drinking bottle completely BPA free for your green lifestyle. Nalgene... »STORY


Ikeuchi Organic Papersky Hiker’s Towel

Made with organic cotton and bamboo this towel feels like a true Japanese Beauty and drys like a March... »STORY


Papersky Enamel Walking Cup

An all white Enamel Steel Mug cup. Papersky has been walking 'donkey strong' since 1996 exploring both the... »STORY

papersky tour de nippon

Tour de Nippon in Oku-Noto

The Oku-Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture is rural and remote. The coast runs along two separate oceans and... »STORY

Photography: Ryo Kenjo

Upstate New York | Farm & Table | Balanced Living at it’s Best

When most of us think of New York our immediate thoughts likely conjure up images of the Manhattan skyline,... »STORY

Papersky ‘So Cool!’ Water Bottle

Papersky ‘So Cool!’ Water Bottle

Papersky teamed up with artist Dustin Klein, founder of the bicycle brand Cadence and Klum House and bicycle... »STORY


Juniper Ridge -Wilderness Perfume | Big Sur

Big Sur in a 1 ounce bottle. Perfect for home or trail use. Fragrance distilled from plants, bark, moss,... »STORY


Harding & Wilson Papersky Original Bowties

Harding & Wilson, a Portland brand, blends a high standard of quality, rich history and deep roots in the... »STORY


RIO & BOSSA NOVA NIGHT / live music & talk

Papersky and Osklen present a special Rio de Janeiro evening featuring live music with guest musician Goro... »STORY

Traveling Stripes

ALOYE x G.F.G.S. x PAPERSKY Traveling Stripes

We took the classic boarder shirt and made it just a bit better. Our friends at Aloye design added a nice... »STORY

Cushion Globe

Cushion Globe

A ‘real’ globe that’s soft! You’ll improve your geographic knowledge while dreaming of your next... »STORY



We teamed up with our favorite Kyoto Carpenter, Yoshiro Mizokami to create a clipboard fit for travel. The... »STORY

papersky store

Hand-shaped Skateboard | OKA ‘Natural Traveler’

A sleek mid-sized skateboard with a distinctive fishtail is the perfect everyday board. Not too big, not too... »STORY

papersky store

JIN’s Cup | Ultra Light Wood Cup

These wooden cups are hand crafted in Kagoshima by the Jin brothers in their home studio. Each cup is cut and... »STORY


Yama to Michi Outdoor Sacoche

The ultimate hiking Sacoshe bag; weighing in at a measly 39g. Easy to adjust and offers simple access to your... »STORY


Chico Bag | Eco Travel Bag

The Chico Bag ‘Orignial’ is the compact reusable bag that started it all! A reusable bag is only valuable... »STORY

papersky store


Japan made Diagnl camera straps are the smart travellers 'must have' item. You can walk, run, bike, hike... »STORY

Photography: Yasuyuki Takagi

PAPERSKY no.50 Rio de Janeiro | Bossa Nova

Brazilians have always believed that Brazil potentially can become paradise. Perhaps it’s the stunning... »STORY

papersky store

Traveler’s Coffee | On The Road Blend

These compact 'Traveler's Coffee' coffee packs will make your trips both in your mind as well as in reality... »STORY


Tour de Nippon in Nara Tenri

The Yamanobe Road is Japan’s oldest recorded road as it’s mentioned in the book Nihon Shoki. The road is... »STORY

papersky store

Stussy Rain Shoes

Stussy Livin’ GENERAL STORE has teamed up with Japan's oldest sneaker maker MoonStar and Papersky to bring... »STORY

papersky store

Insect Repellent Soy Candle

This soy candle is a natural traveling companion. It's compact size increases mobility and soy wax ensures a... »STORY

papersky store

Travel On! | Klean Kanteen Bottle

This Fresh Pine green colored Klean Kanteen original Papersky model will quench your thirst with it's looks... »STORY

papersky store

PAPERSKY All-Weather Sticker

These Papersky icon airplane stickers are built to last. They're waterproof and also are printed with special... »STORY

papersky store

NAGA | Nao Tsuda

“NAGA” is the second publication following “SAMELAND”, a photo book sourced from Nao Tsuda’s... »STORY

papersky store

NOTEBOOK-06 | mirror mirror

Photographer, Miho Kakuta, has put together a beautiful book of photos that she took on various voyages to... »STORY

papersky store

HELLO SANDWICH | tokyo guide | Ebony Bizys

Ebony Bizys is a Tokyo Insider from the inside and out. In this lovely book-zine she has put together places... »STORY


Tour de Nippon in Nagoya

We are now taking sign ups at for Papersky’s Tour de Nippon in Nagoya. The event will... »STORY

papersky store

Ise & Toba Travel Towel

An exciting series of ‘tenuguis’ inspired by Papersky’s Tour de Nippon series of bicycle rides across... »STORY

papersky store

Porlex Mini Coffee Mill

Porlex is a Japanese company known for it's compact but mini coffee grinders. This grinder is very well made... »STORY

papersky store

Ultra-Light Bike Bag

Backpacks are like having a house on your back, they give you the freedom to walk a block or around the... »STORY

papersky store

Flat Pouch

Simple and clear these pouches come in three sizes and we’ve created each size in a different color. You... »STORY

Cameron Allen McKean

A romance older than anyone remembers| Yaeyama weavers 3

Kinue Ara holds up the sleeve of her indigo kimono, letting sunlight sink shadows into the woven fabric.... »STORY

papersky store

“Clear Sky” Travel Incense Case

Born in Japan's bamboo craft capital Beppu, Oita. Each incense holder is shaped by craft unit BAICA and will... »STORY

Cameron Allen McKean

The ‘boo’ at the end of Japan | Yaeyama weavers 2

Salty sea air blows across Ishigaki city and in through a second story window. It blows across wooden looms,... »STORY

papersky store

Kiya Nail Clipper

This travel sized nail clipper is made by the famous knife maker Kiya. Kiya began making knives in 1792 and... »STORY

papersky store


We’ve got you covered from A-Z thanks to one of our favorite Japanese graphic designers and illustrators... »STORY

Cameron Allen McKean

Cloth from a long, dark cave | Yaeyama weavers 1

For almost 400 years, the women of the Yaeyama Islands paid their taxes with pieces of fabric. Weaving was... »STORY

Photography: Yikin Hyo

PAPERSKY no.49 Taiwan | Hoja! (delicious!)

The history of food and cooking in Taiwan is as deep as the ocean that surrounds the mountainous island. In... »STORY

papersky store

Tooth Brush “BRILLO”

The Brillo Folding Toothbrush is one of the best travel partners in the world. Packs down tight & small and... »STORY


Trip to Aizu #3 The village of the beautiful Orihime Karamushi no Sato – Showa-mura

Showa-mura is located in the mountains of Okuaizu, Fukushima Prefecture. This village, shut off by snow... »STORY


Trip to Aizu #2 A tradition dating back to the Jomon era. Handwork from the snow country.

The Crimson Glory Vine (Vitis coignetiae) grows deep in the mountains, entangling nearby trees as it moves... »STORY


Trip to Aizu #1 Skills that speak of history and culture A visit to Munakata-gama Kiln/ Aizu Hongo Ceramics

Voyagin is a website that provides travelers with the chance to communicate directly with local people at... »STORY


Papersky meets Taiwan! Special Travel Talk Event in Taipei

Papersky and Boven magazine library will hold a special talk event at the Boven magazine library in Taipei on... »STORY

papersky store

Ametsuchi Sake Cups

These oversized sake cups- make for the perfect toast. Hand crafted in Kyoto by Naomi Ashida she created this... »STORY

papersky store

Classic “Paper Logo”-T

In 2002 Papersky teamed up with good friend Benjiman Sommerhalder (Nieves Books, publisher & designer) to... »STORY

papersky store

Tour de Nippon Official Jetcap

The official riding cap of Papersky’s Tour de Nippon project. The cap is 100% handmade in the USA by Walz... »STORY

papersky store

Skateboard | OKA ‘Natural Traveler’

A sleek mid-sized skateboard with a distinctive fishtail is the perfect everyday board. Not too big, not too... »STORY

papersky store

Natural Travel Tshirt “OKA”

After making two awesome skateboards together; Papersky and Oka thought it was time for a T-shirt. The... »STORY

Cameron Allan Mckean

A flood of green, light blue, and smoky brown | Asagao 3

Tokyo's rivers used to flood almost every year and turn the low-lying areas of the city into a mud sea.... »STORY

papersky store

Nalgene Bottle

A light weight virtually indestructible drinking bottle completely BPA free for your green lifestyle. Nalgene... »STORY

Cameron Allan Mckean

Flowers after a great fire | Asagao 2

There was nothing left after the March 1945 firebombing of Tokyo — nothing but cars, bodies and the charred... »STORY

papersky store

Backpacker’ s Cutlery

Lue from Okayama, Japan hand crafted this beautiful brass spoon and fork set exclusively for the Papersky... »STORY

Cameron Allan Mckean

The seeds of obsession | Asagao 1 Tokyo Morning Glory

Every year In Iriya, downtown Tokyo, the Japanese Asagao flower festival is held. The festival memorializes... »STORY

papersky tour de nippon

Tour de Nippon in ISE & TOBA

We are now taking sign ups at for Papersky’s second bicycle tour of 2015. On 9/27 (Sunday)... »STORY

Photography: Marianna Jamadi

PAPERSKY no.48 Finland | Land of the Trees

It seems the Finnish soul has always been linked to the forest. Finns feel good in the forest. Not alone, not... »STORY

papersky store

Speedo Sack

Any traveler will surely be flying high with this light weight, compact, waterproof pouch. The waterproof... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allan Mckean

Coded Symbols at War / Kite Fighting

There is a single kite remaining, flying alone above Hamamatsu. As it is reeled back in, it looms over the... »STORY

papersky store

Leather Clutch in Black

This leather clutch is handmade in Joshu+Vela's San Francisco studio from the highest quality, vegetable-... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allan Mckean

Lost without a string | Hamamatsu Kite Fighting 2

Paper kites are floating in the sky, their light bamboo frames trailed by hundreds of meters of unspooling... »STORY

papersky store

Stussy Sacoche

This exclusive Papersky Sacoche was designed by the kind folks at Stussy- to truly represent ‘a different... »STORY

papersky store

San Francisco Traveler’s Towel

A ‘tenugui’ is a rectangular piece of woven cotton cloth. The more it’s used the softer and more... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allan Mckean

A shape, falling into the sky | Hamamatsu Kite Fighting 1

A tangled network of kite ropes is suspended in the air above a park along Hamamatsu’s coastline. The... »STORY

papersky store

Traveler’s Coffee “On The Road” Blend

These compact 'Traveler's Coffee' coffee packs will make your trips both in your mind as well as in reality... »STORY

Photography: Yoko Takahashi

PAPERSKY no.47 San Francisco in Good Company

Papersky has always been a travel magazine obsessed with both destination as well as story telling and future... »STORY

papersky tour de nippon

Tour de Nippon in Shodoshima

We are now taking sign ups at for Papersky’s first bicycle tour of 2015. On 5/31 (Sunday)... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allan Mckean

A lingering face in the void | Akita Mountain Hunters 3

There is no light outside. It is a dense and timeless blackness, pregnant with the unknown and fear; the kind... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allan Mckean

The wrath of a mountain | Akita Mountain Hunters 1

A bitterly cold wind lashes the faces of three hunters as they struggle through thigh-deep snow. Wearing... »STORY


PAPERSKY no.46 Jomon & Craft Beer Issue

Welcome to BC 10,000, -home to the JOMON people, Japan’s original natives. It seems incredible that such a... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allen McKean

Kozaki Natural Foods | The tofu maker

The shops and homes in Kozaki are islands in a sea of farmland. It's hard to say whether that farmland is... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allen McKean

Kozaki Natural Foods | Growing rice and beans

"My family has been farming here for maybe 20 generations. I've been doing this work since I was 18," says... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allen McKean

Kozaki Natural Foods | Masaru Terada: Good sake

"I had some strangely coloured sake in the beginning, because everything is natural it's so hard to control... »STORY

photography: yuri shibuya

COLORADO Bouldering & Bathing

Colorado is a genuine state of the future. Not because, of steel & glass buildings or flashy technology... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allen McKean

Shokichiro Takebayashi: Eroded, broken down, reformed

"I am a busshi, a carver of stone," says Shokichiro Takebayashi, standing outside his workshop... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allen McKean

Yoshiyuki Endo: Cutting stairs into a mountain

Fifteen thousand years ago, when Japan was almost uninhabited, Mt.Hakone erupted. Volcanic ash blanketed... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allen McKean

The dust from a blue-tinged gravestone

A mountain formed when Mt.Hakone erupted 15,000 years ago, and the stone inside that mountain is... »STORY

Photography: Luca Gabino

Salute! Italia, Sardegna Food

If you love eating, cooking or drinking then Sardegna is a paradise in waiting. This Italian island... »STORY

nhk world

NHK World “Island Hopping the Seto Inland Sea”

With its numerous islands surrounded by tranquil waters, the Setonaikai, or Seto Inland Sea in western Japan,... »STORY

Photography:Cameron Allan Mckean

Saburo Hatakeyama: Keep your back to the outside

"My name is Shonosuke Kimura, but the name I was born with is Saburo Hatakeyama." One of the only people... »STORY

Photography:Cameron Allan Mckean

Yasushi Nishimura: Binding a tradition together everyday with string

It's just after lunchtime on a hot day during Tokyo's rainy season. We have entered the ground floor of the... »STORY

Photography:Cameron Allan Mckean

Hiroko Ichige: Bento boxes, green tea, sweets and Sumo.

Six in the morning in the old part of Tokyo. The September sun is already hot, beating down on the dirty... »STORY


Argentina Art: ‘Nower’ then Now

Welcome to the future. The fact that you’re interested in Argentina as a country and art in Buenos Aires as... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allan Mckean

Satoshi Kimura: 100 Sounds & Movements / Aomori Nebuta 2

It's sundown on August 2nd, the first day of the Nebuta festival. Before we can see the first Nebuta coming... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allan Mckean

Hiroo Takenami: Imagining a network of wires and wood / Aomori Nebuta 1

For six nights during August, the population of Aomori swells from 300,000 to over a million. They come from... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allan Mckean

Takashi Kitamura: The making of giants souls

Takashi Kitamura lives in a typical suburban home on the outskirts of Aomori city. But his backyard is not... »STORY


Wet & Hot, Gamba Barcelona!

Barcelona is one of the world’s most visited cities. Yet, beyond the beautiful Sagrada Familia, and... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allan Mckean

Shigeomi Ohashi: Weaving old patterns back together

"My first experience with bamboo was cutting my own toys from the forest," says Shigeomi Ohashi. Although he... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allan Mckean

Kimiyo Nagai: First the fire, then the flowers | Takezaiku-2

"All the workers here are old people from this area." Kimiyo Nagai is also speaking about herself, she is 82.... »STORY

Photography: Cameron Allan Mckean

Ichiro Iwao: The rhizome inside us | Takezaiku-1

The world has weaved baskets for over 10,000 years. It is the one craft which almost all ancient cultures... »STORY

Photography: Tetsuya Yamamoto

New Zealand’s Long Pathway

It’s been a Long time since our last issue- and that’s because we’ve been on a Long walk in the land of... »STORY

Photography: Lee Basford

Tanaka farm, breeding working horses in Kushiro

The harsh landscapes of the northern island of Hokkaido are amongst Japan’s most uninhabitable. Its people... »STORY

Photography: Lee Basford

Life Cycles, a Tokyo bike story

If you lock your bike in the wrong place for too long in any Japanese city you're probably going to get a... »STORY

Akito Akagi

Akito Akagi: A thousand year old lifeform

In Wajima, a single bowl or cup requires nearly a dozen craftsmen and a vast array of techniques and... »STORY

Mitsuo Ikeshita

Mitsuo Ikeshita: Carving wooden cores

Half formed wooden bowls are stacked a dozen high along the walls of 74 year old Mitsuo Ikeshita's workshop.... »STORY

Kazuo Wakaoka

Kazuo Wakaoka: Reflections from a tree

The sap from a Japanese Urushii tree is toxic, difficult to extract and nearly as valuable as gold. This... »STORY

Kazuo Miyata

Kazue Miyata: Rooftops and a Wooden Womb

The second of a three-part series on Yamagata Mountain Ascetics Those figures retreating into the fogged... »STORY

Swiss Water

Healthy, Clean Water in Switzerland

If someone asked me what are the most important things in the world, I would quickly answer:  love, a great... »STORY

Tomohiko Yoshida

Tomohiko Yoshida: Glimpsing at the Oldest Shapes

Asking the gods for specific blessings (success, love, money, peace, material things) is now so commonplace... »STORY

Papersky #39 India

Kerala is a Haven for Art, Food and Health

When we think of India, we think of many things, but rarely does the word clean come to mind. However,... »STORY

Daisuke Takase

Daisuke Takase: Dancing Out from Tokushima

The third of our three-part series on The Tokushima Awa Odori (Parts 1 & 2) A Tokushima local, from a... »STORY

Koimi Kanamori

Koimi Kanamori: Three Silk Strings

The second of our three-part series on The Tokushima Awa Odori (Parts 1 & 3) When she was very young,... »STORY

Kayo Shinomiya

Kayo Shinomiya: An Endless, Ceaseless Dance

A Taiko drum’s boom rattles a long wooden stadium, packed with spectators, and a high pitched bell pierces... »STORY

Papersky #38 Oregon

Green Running on the Trail in Oregon

What does it tell you about a city that has a public park with 130 kilometers of recreational trails? What... »STORY

Alison Nemoto

Alison Nemoto: Still in the Gloom

English teacher Alison Nemoto has lost her home and job but continues to live on the fringes of the exclusion... »STORY

Masahiko Kimura

Masahiko Kimura: White Syrup, Green Clouds

The final of a three part series on Omiya Bonsai. After The Great 1923 Earthquake, Tokyo’s few remaining... »STORY

Kaori Yamada

Kaori Yamada: Awoken From 1000 Year Sleep

The Second of a three part series on Omiya Bonsai. After The Great 1923 Earthquake, Tokyo’s few... »STORY

Yoshinobu Tabata

Yoshinobu Tabata: Elderly, Sick & Deciduous

The First of a three part series on Omiya Bonsai. After The Great 1923 Earthquake, Tokyo’s few remaining... »STORY


BNE: The BNE Water Organization

After fifteen years as a street artist, American-roots BNE took his world-wide approach and recognition in... »STORY

Papersky #37 Norway

Norway Balances Nature and Quality of Life

Oslo (Norway) is the modern metropolis that possesses the qualities that cities in the next fifty years will... »STORY

Toshiko Tomita

Toshihiko Tomita: Keirin Ambassador

“Those were the golden years of Keirin you know, you could hear Koichi Nakano’s name everywhere, Keirin... »STORY

Ryue Nishizawa

Ryue Nishizawa: Travel from Places to Spaces

Architect Ryue Nishizawa (b. 1966) has become one of the faces of Japanese architecture today. While... »STORY

David Boilley

David Boilley of Acro: The Zone

David Boilley is a nuclear physicist and the chairman of ACRO (a French NGO with a nuclear testing... »STORY

Taiun Mochizuki

Taiun Mochizuki: Circling to Nothingness

The final in a three-part series on Japanese Suzuri. Thick and black; reflecting the fading sunlight, a... »STORY

Yataro Amemiya

Yataro Amemiya: Entranced By a Rock

The second in a three-part series on Japanese Suzuri. Suzuri are an essential part of Japan’s writing... »STORY

Papersky #36 Edo Tokaido

Tokaido Road has the Roots of Modern Travel

The Edo Period’s greatest road, The Kyu-Tokaido Road, is a 490 kilometer journey. The road was built over... »STORY

Gyokusen Mochizuki

Gyokusen Mochizuki: The Inkstone Cave

The first in a three-part series on Japanese Suzuri The stone is cold and wet to touch; a close grained... »STORY

Hitoshi Kawabuchi

Buchi: Skateboard File VII

Hirotoshi Kawabuchi is a young amateur skater living in Japan and the United States. “Buchi’s” recent... »STORY

Koichi Kashimoto

Koichi Kashimoto: Extracting Old Earth

The third in a three part series on Bizenyaki, Okayama Ceramics. A clay Bizen bowl you see today will not... »STORY

Toshin Fujiwara

Toshin Fujiwara: Clay Idols

The second of a three-part series on Bizenyaki, Okayama Ceramics. We are travelling through the town of... »STORY

Eisuke Morimoto

Eisuke Morimoto: Burnt By Flames

The first of a three-part series on Bizenyaki, Okayama Ceramics 12,000 years ago the world’s first forms... »STORY

Motoyuki Shibata

Motoyuki Shibata: All Stories About Travel

I met Motoyuki Shibata several years ago in New York City at a reading by one of his friends—Haruki... »STORY

Papersky #35 Basque

A Basque Country Focus on Simplicity

As we sat in our hotel rooms in Basque Country watching the disastrous events of March 11th, 2011 in Japan... »STORY


Otaki (T-19): Skateboard File VI

“The idea for T-19 was always in my head. What I saw when I was living in Venice [California] was just the... »STORY

Elein Fleiss

Elein Fleiss: Change Again

There comes a magazine that changes all the rules. In 1990 Elein Fleiss and Olivier Zahm created Purple, and... »STORY

Chiori Yamamoto

Chiori Yamamoto: Japanese Soul Food

Gatemo Tabum is the neighborhood joint we all wish we lived a short walk away from. On a recent blustery... »STORY

Shinro Ohtake

Shinro Ohtake: Life as a Scrapbook

Shinro Ohtake (b. 1955) is a mixed-media artist known for his vast body of creative work and there is perhaps... »STORY

Hiroshi Hoshino

Hiroshi Hoshino: Under a Heavy Mandala

The last of a three-part series on Yamagata Mountain Ascetics Those figures retreating into the fogged... »STORY

Kokai Shimatsu

Kokai Shimatsu: Merging with the Endless

The first of a three-part series on Yamagata Mountain Ascetics Those figures retreating into the fogged... »STORY

Papersky #34 New York

A New York Photography walk

Seven years have passed since I last traveled to New York City. In the days when we were doing Tokion I would... »STORY

Hoki Naritoshi

Hoki Naritoshi: Tradition Grown from Trees

The last of a three-part series on Mino Washi Tradition is an echo, heard slightly differently by each new... »STORY

Shouji Kazunari

Shouji Kazunari: Knowledge into Tools

The second of a three-part series on Mino Washi Man can do many thing without tools but with tools he can... »STORY

Masahi Sawamura

Masashi Sawamura: Paper out of Liquid

The first of a three-part series on Mino Washi There was a time when all the paper in Mino was made... »STORY

Daido Moriyama

Daido Moriyama: Perspective Reach

The second in a new series taking a closer look at Japanese photographers. Last February Daido Moriyama... »STORY

Papersky #33 Switzerland

Idyllic Rides through the Swiss Alps

Switzerland is what all countries should aspire to become. Besides being a bicycle-loving and friendly place,... »STORY

Shie Kasai

Shie Kasai: Survival Japanese Cooking

“When I moved to Montreal in 1998, I was surprised to see how many sushi takeouts there were around the... »STORY

Daisuke Tanaka

Daisuke Tanaka: Skateboard File V

Skateboarding needs art as much as it needs skaters. One of the pros and artists operating at the... »STORY

Mitsuro Ohba

Mitsuro Ohba: Alone at the North Pole

I wrote my will at the North Pole. I figured that it wouldn’t be too strange if I died there. Ice can flow... »STORY

Senn Ozawa

Senn Ozawa: Skateboard File IV

The current issue of Sb, The 2010 Photo Annual, bears an attention-grabbing gold reflective font and runs the... »STORY

Hiroyuki Takahashi

Hiroyuki Takahashi: The Floating Peacocks

The third of a three-part series looking at superstitions surrounding fishing in Yaizu, one of Japan’s most... »STORY

Fumihiko Osawa

Fumihiko Osawa: Edible Monuments

The second of a three-part series looking at superstitions surrounding fishing in Yaizu, one of Japan’s... »STORY

Kiyo Naito

Kiyo Naito: Shirts For Fishing

The first of a three-part series looking at superstitions surrounding fishing in Yaizu, one of Japan’s most... »STORY


Hitozuki: 15 Years in Paint

The first day of painting was the coldest but instead of going inside the wooden house we retreated further... »STORY

Papersky #32 Yosemite

Inspired by Nature in Yosemite National Park

A big part of Knee High Media, whether it be PAPERSKY, Mammoth or Plants + is Nature. Ever since the days of... »STORY

Yuri Shibuya

Yuri Shibuya: Perspective Reach

The first in a new series taking a closer look at Japanese photographers. Whether a photographer’s... »STORY

Akiko Mera

Akiko Mera: Oxfam Trailwalker

What’s the farthest you’ve ever walked? To the bus stop? To work maybe? Imagine you begin walking at 9:00... »STORY

John Kormeling

John Kormeling: Hole in the Wall

John Kormeling stands amidst the disarray that is his house. Metal scraps, paper shreds, a screaming child... »STORY

John Gathright

John Gathright: Aichi Tree Climbing

“Carry your own tree within your heart.” Ever since reading those words by the great poet Sansei Yamao I... »STORY

Koichiro Aikawa

Koichiro Aikawa: Anomaly Structure

Strolling the lanes of Kyoto’s Arashiyama neighborhood, one passes a number of souvenir stores selling... »STORY

Mirei Shigemori

Mirei Shigemori: Timeless Gardens

It’s hard to find a spot in Kyoto that feels all your own. The city is dotted with famous temples and their... »STORY

Tomoko Yamane

Tomoko Yamane: Bento in Berlin

Tomoko Yamane thoughtfully recalls growing up cooking with her grandmother in Nagoya. Since then, Tomoko has... »STORY


Deshi: Skateboard File III

“I grew up in nature- my house was surrounded by it, I used to play in the mountains and venture into caves... »STORY

Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders: Photography of Place

“All my films start with places- cities, deserts. But then in the process of filmmaking, these places step... »STORY

Takashi Savory

Takashi Savory: Memories of Island Life

The final of our three-part series taking a personal look back at the Ogasawara Islands (Parts 1 &... »STORY

Koji Asada

Koji Asada (Lesque): Skateboard File II

For Koji Asada and the Lesque (les-ke) team, skateboarding isn’t particularly the answer to all the endless... »STORY

Haruomi Hosono

Haruomi Hosono: Planet of sound

Haruomi Hosono’s early discography contains the band Happy End (1970-73). Digesting the influences of... »STORY

Taro Hirano

Taro Hirano: Skateboard File I

Taro Hirano is better known as the photo editor of skateboard journal Sb, though its likely many have come... »STORY

Ryoichi Shimizu

Ryoichi Shimizu: Memories of Island Life

The second of our three-part series taking a personal look back at the Ogasawara Islands (Parts 1 &... »STORY

Pico Iyer

Pico Iyer: Global Soul

Diplomats travel the globe representing their countries to the world. Pico Iyer travels to represent the... »STORY

Shinobu Machida

Shinobu Machida: The Myojin Sento

The final of our three-part series on The Japanese Sento (Parts 1 & 2) Tokyo has cleverly disguised... »STORY

Katsuhiro Kawazu

Katsuhiro Kawazu: Antiques in Nezu

There are many hidden treasures tucked away in the sleepy backstreets of Nezu. A quiet neighborhood located... »STORY

Hiroshi Miura

Hiroshi Miura: Wood Philosophy

Japan has an overwhelming tradition of carpentry. It’s easy to notice that nature itself, and trees in... »STORY

Tommy Guerrero

Tommy Guerrero: Lone Expression

Living legends are an endangered species. While new prodigies come out of the woodwork to surprise and... »STORY

Hiroshi Ooki

Hiroshi Ooki: Memories of Island Life

The first of our three-part series taking a personal look back at the Ogasawara Islands (Parts 2 &... »STORY

Kiyoto Maruyama

Kiyoto Maruyama: Holy Mountain Painting

The second of our three-part series on The Japanese Sento (Parts 1 & 3) Kiyoto Maruyama is one of two... »STORY


Yoyo: Kitchen Revolution

“I started cooking when I started VEGE Shokudo” – said Yoyo calmly. Since she is involved with the... »STORY

Papersky #31 Denmark

Riding Fresh and Clean in Denmark

PAPERSKY is Refreshed! Welcome to the fresh issue. I mean fresh as in natural, enlightening, positive,... »STORY


In Bali, Happiness Comes from Natural Rhythm

It’s really interesting that over seventy-percent of the people that I meet in cities, pretty much wherever... »STORY

Yuichiro Miura

Yuichiro Miura: Climbing Everest at 70

“I want to stand atop Mt. Everest when I am 70 years old.” I was 65 when I first dreamt of that. I skied... »STORY

Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono: Journeywoman

Yoko Ono’s public persona is one part mercurial, two parts mysterious. She is known for speaking her mind... »STORY

Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami: Nomadic Spirit

One of Murakami’s more recent books, “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” mentions the Lake... »STORY

Shinjo Masao

Shinjo Masao: Brown Rice Milk

Fifty years ago, when Shinjo Masao discovered his son wasn’t eating nor finishing his meals, the islander... »STORY

Brit Matt Rogers

Brit Matt Rogers: Keirin Dreams

Their colored helmets are a blur as they spin around the track, legs throbbing and nearing explosion- there... »STORY

Alex Kerr

Alex Kerr: Getaway

For those in search of the past, here is a mountain retreat from the pages of history. Step back in time and... »STORY

Ogawa Kite Shop

Ogawa: Keeping Nagasaki Tradition

The Ogawa Kite Shop is the last of a long tradition of Kite making and flying in Nagasaki- and in all of... »STORY

Yuji Hirayama

Hirayama Yuji: Professional Free Climber

I first tried rock climbing when I was fifteen- I was out of my element and pretty scared. Somehow, though, I... »STORY

Eijiro Kashima

Eijiro Kashima: World Class Saddles

Keirin Bicycling has captured the attention of both the bicycle and street scenes over the past several... »STORY

Shoji Ueda

Shoji Ueda: Lines in the Desert

In the work of Shoji Ueda, the dunes of the desert seem like a minimalist theater. The background of the... »STORY


Matohu: How Pottery Becomes Clothes

Hiroyuki Horihata and Makiko Sekiguchi, the design duo Matohu, make some curious clothes. Their most recent... »STORY

Shusetsu Tachibana

Shusetsu Tachibana: The Last Sansuke

With wrinkled and nimble hands Shusetsu Tachibana washes the back of 77 year old Sugiwara-san. As the oldest... »STORY


Aboriginal Australians Play the Songlines

This issue of PAPERSKY is very special as it's the first attempt for a major Japanese magazine to report on... »STORY


Strap on hiking boots and walk like a Kiwi!

In this issue the PAPERSKY crew along with Ishikawa Naoki spent approximately two weeks trekking, hiking,... »STORY


The Vibrating Landscape of Icelandic Music

If you are a first time traveler to Iceland there are a few things you will notice right away on your bus... »STORY


Morocco Inspires the Wandering Creative Mind

Morocco is a country where Africans, Berbers, Jews, Arabians and Europeans all have lived together in harmony... »STORY


California is the Northern Light of Modern Culture

I was born in Baltimore. At the time my mother was 20 yeas old and a certified Woodstock hippy. We went to... »STORY


Tahiti’s Energy, and the Island of Flowers

The Tiare is to Tahitians what kome (rice) is to the Japanese: an icon for their entire culture. Tiare, the... »STORY


I ate Kyoto in Autumn, and it was sweet!

Fall in Kyoto is stunning. With the city's trees a tapestry of luxurious oranges, yellows and reds and the... »STORY


Hawaii’s Aloha Spirit is Organic and Delicious!

Hawaii is simply one of the best places on earth. And obviously the climate, beautiful scenery and the... »STORY


Rainbow Blue Ocean in the Okinawan Yaeyamas

Just seconds before our flight swooped down to make its routine emergency brake landing on Ishigaki island's... »STORY


Get Warm in the Blue Cold of Aomori

Here at PAPERSKY we believe travel is about discovery and about challenging yourself to do new things and... »STORY


London on the Grass for Homegrown Sports

When most of us think of London we think of the Sex Pistols, double-decker buses, old castles and folks that... »STORY


Electric, Robotic Akihabara Dreaming Guide

Akihabara is the land where dreamers begin to dream. Go back 400 years ago and you would find young... »STORY


Crazy and charming Greece A to Z

Tell me, what do you know about Greece? This was the question I kept on asking anybody and everybody prior to... »STORY


Temples, Tea and Time-travelling in Shimane

Shimane is a place where the essence of Japan still exists. It is a place where the people still have... »STORY


The Sea Shapes Australian Lifestyles

For issue #15 we went for an ocean drive in Australia, the land down under. We were in search of the sea and... »STORY


A Lush Green Tour through Early Summer Akita

As we stared up in amazement at a double rainbow in the sky, a small elderly gentlemen said hello and shook... »STORY


Sweet, Slow-food Portugal is a Place like Home

I boarded a Lufthansa plane at Narita and was greeted by a Japanese flight attendant who said "arigato" as I... »STORY


Diaries of the Texas Mexico Borderland

We got our first glimpse of the Texas-Mexico border in a town called Laredo. At International Bridge #1, the... »STORY


The Changing Lifestyles of Shanghai

The day we arrived in Shanghai a Chinese photographer and curator recommended that we take a look at a book... »STORY


Taste the International Scene in Toronto

On a drive through the vibrant streets of Toronto's Kensington neighborhood we notice a statue set on the... »STORY


Naples is Italy’s Living Room City

Spaccanapoli is a popular downtown neighborhood in Naples, famous for its long narrow lanes that crisscross... »STORY


The Ogasawara Islands are Tokyo’s Paradise

To get to the islands of Ogasawara we departed on a 25 hour trip by boat from Tokyo proper. The journey had... »STORY


Reading Paris, City of Books

By the 1960s the Japanese fixation with French culture became plain. Mr. Iyami, a famous comic book... »STORY


Dreaming in New York Urban Green

A few months ago on an ice sunny day I was buying a hot dog in front of the entrance to New York's Central... »STORY


Old Friends Drifting Through Germany Anew

This issue was born out of a conversation with Reto Wettach and Michaela Viesser who were returning to... »STORY


Mexico Spice! Chile Peppers Heart Up The World

Welcome to the spice issue. We invite you to come along for a journey through the lands of Mexico, India,... »STORY


The New Landscapes of The Netherlands

The Netherlands: windmills and tulips, cheese and wooden clogs, and perhaps, to the well-informed,... »STORY


A PAPERSKY Trip Around The World

To circumnavigate the globe: centuries after Magellan, it's still the dreamer's dream, an offense to... »STORY


The School Trip, Revisited

Hello, and welcome aboard PAPERSKY. What you are currently holding in your hands is the official inflight... »STORY

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