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Issue 69


[ Guest ]
Mayumi Yamase
Tsuruta Sakura


Editor’s Letter


Dreamy Dreams and Dreamers


Let your ‘Dreams’ begin in the Shimanami area, a destination made up of 100’s of breezy islets that float as jewels on the sea and are sandwiched between the coastal crowns of Hiroshima and Ehime prefectures.

A place where rippling waves sing ambient lullabies.
A place where the sun and the moon are so aligned that every day the sky offers up a new masterpiece. 
A place where Lemon trees radiate a magical yellow and an invigorating green glow.
A place where an orchestra of blue and green sparkle from the sea. 
Welcome to the ‘Island of Dreams’.

Papersky invited artist Mayumi Yamase and musician Tsuruta Sakura to join us on a Dreamy voyage of the Shimanami area. They traveled the Shimanami area via a Swedish electric motorbike directly taking in the breeze and smells of the area while munching on Imo Kenpi and scarfing down the occasional Okonomiyaki. And as we traveled, we made time to meet up with a variety of ‘Dreamers’. We wanted to hear from these Dreamers in person and share their stories with you in hopes that their lifestyles and ideas may inspire you to dream more. 

It feels of late that people have begun to confuse the word ‘goal’ with the word ‘dream’. A goal as we know is something we try to achieve – a dream on the other hand is something we do for no reason other than because our heart directs us to act. A goal involves ‘achievement’ and in many cases pressure and obstacles. A dream however involves nothing other than a light-heart, a lot of imagination, a healthy state of mind & body and a lot of love for both you and for others. 

Ideally, we are all Dreamers, and all have the ability to dream – but if we lack purity or if our minds diverge to mistakenly see dreams as goals, we lose our ability to dream. So, for this issue it is our hope to bring back the dream by soaking ourselves into the essence of the Shimanami area and its people. Shimanami is a place that will undoubtedly open and expand your mind.

Welcome to Japan’s land of Dreams & Dreamers! 
Welcome to Papersky’s ‘Dreamy’ Issue. 
Welcome to Shimanami! 



PAPERSKY Soundtrack For Travelers
Shumanami Edition

A list of Songs to enjoy over a cup of coffee, while driving, and of course while flipping through the pages of the TAIWAN edition of Papersky.

Selected by:
Shuichiro Sakaguchi (BAGN Inc. / Double Famous)
Kenji Hatogai (BAGN Inc.)

  1. COMB MY HAIR / Kings of Convenience
  2. PRECIOUS SECOND / Naïm Amor
  3. DIANA / Caetano Veloso
  4. TODAY IS THE DAY / Yo La Tengo
  5. SANTA MARIA DA FEIRA / Devendra Banhart
  7. TAOMA / Guru Guru
  8. CLOUD BOAT / Masahiro Takahashi
  9. I SING HIGH / Sam Gendel & Sam Wilkes
  10. I WISH I WISH / Sam Amidon


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