Papersky is a door to the  world and a means to journey within. Papersky Stories spotlights Japan as a locality on Planet Earth while Discovering, Preserving and Renewing Japan’s unique natural habitat and deep-rooted culture. 

Papersky Japan Stories

Papersky Stories spotlights Japan as a locality on Planet Earth while Discovering, Preserving and Renewing Japan’s unique natural habitat and deep-rooted culture.

Papersky Magazine

In the Spring of 2002, PAPERSKY magazine was born from a concept of being a door to the world and a means to journey within oneself. Since then PAPERSKY has steadily amassed a sophisticated, creative, well cultured, outdoor oriented and progressive readership drawn to the magazine’s distinctive celebration of life on ‘Spaceship Earth’.

Who We Are

Knee High Media Japan

Founded in 1996 by Lucas B.B. the company has been the brain and creative mechanism behind some of Japan and the world’s most innovative and influential media projects: Japanese culture magazine TOKION (1996), children’s magazine MAMMOTH (2000), travel magazine PAPERSKY (2002), free paper METRO MIN (2002), botanical magazine PLANTED (2006). In 2008 KHM founded Japan’s first outdoor music & learning festival for kids: “Mammoth Hello Camp”. The PAPERSKY brand’s newest project is a bilingual online media titled: Papersky Japan Stories (2020). Papersky also produces a line of ‘Travel Tools’ and “The Papersky Tour de Nippon,” a bicycle event that promotes Japan’s rural communities.

Founder, Creative Director, Editor and CEO
Lucas B.B. 

Born in Baltimore, USA in 1971 and raised in San Francisco. Lucas has been creating widescreen, inspirational and organic media since the age of 12. He came to Japan in 1993 the day after graduating from the University of California. He was quick to find freelance work writing culture and lifestyle pieces for TIME magazine, WIRED and the JAPAN TIMES. In 1996 he bought a straw hat; rolled up his A.P.C. shirt sleeves and published TOKION, the fabled magazine that put Japanese youth culture on the global map. In 2002 Lucas began to wear cycle caps,  grew a beard  and created PAPERSKY. Via Papersky’s unique ethno-travel viewpoint he creates content that seamlessly blends and bends time, culture and nature into a fresh new flavor for the future. When Lucas isn’t walking 30km a day along Old Japanese paths or riding his bicycle in rural Japan, he’s probably relaxing in his garden and drinking mint tea.

Kaori Berkow

Kaori has been the mental and intellectual force that has been guiding Knee High media since it’s very beginning. While still a University student she helped us launch Tokion, Japan’s first bilingual ‘widescreen’ culture magazine. She meditates in the face of chaos and helps to bring vision to inspiration. She is the force of Knee High and has been creating content as well as inspiring everybody she encounters to create anew since she walked in the office door with cakes and coffee a quarter century ago.

Akira Horiuchi

‘Hori’ graduated from Sophia University with a degree in English Studies. His Chinese zodiac is a wild boar and he fits it to a tee: Kind-hearted, positive and loyal. Hori’s been an invaluable part of our Tour de Nippon project and is excited to bring Japan Stories both to Japan and the World. We are consistently pushing Hori into new worlds and his mix of brains, patience and passion continuously help us to create new paths.

Silas Vidar

Silas grew up in Belgium, got a degree in Graphic Design and moved to Japan in 2010. We’ve known him since he bought his first desk and pair of running shoes. In addition to Papersky Japan Stories; he’s worked with clients such as Blue Bottle Coffee, Audi, and Uniqlo. We like his design and ‘Earthly’ perspective. 

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