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Taiwan Tea in the Park




This is the third PAPERSKY feature on Taiwan. The other two Taiwan issues were published in 2019 (Hike & Bike)and in 2015 (Cook). In this issue we spotlight Taiwan’s art, park and tea cultures. Tea and tea moments, have the magical power to bring people together. It is a forum where conversations can take place, ideas shared, pleasant quality time spent, and may well have a positive effect on one’s inner dialogue. Taiwan has long enjoyed a culture of drinking tea in the park. As well as introducing tea cultures old and new, we present eight Taiwanese artists involved in calligraphy and typography and talk to them about parks, tea, and Taiwan. Join us for a ‘Tea in the Park’.

Our guests for this Taiwan ‘tea in the park’ issue is Daichiro Shinjo from Miyakojima Island. He explores traditional calligraphy with a contemporary expression. And joins the Taiwanese artists in exploring parks, tea, and contemporary Taiwan. 

PAPERSKY no.68  TAIWAN  “Tea in the Park”
A trip to Taiwan, blazing new trails in tea and calligraphy.

Date of Issue : 2023/5/30
Publisher:Kneehigh Media, Inc.
Price:JPY 1,980

PAPERSKY no.68 | TAIWAN|Tea in the Park
A trip to Taiwan, introducing old and new tea culture and opening up new realms of tea and calligraphy. Our guest on the trip will be Daichiro Shinjo, who pursues a contemporary expression of traditional calligraphy.