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We’re Always Thinking of the Mountain

7/31/2020 〜 8/30/2020

In these times of social distancing we all miss the mountains and our visits to the small lodges that speckle Japan’s most popular trails. These small lodges tucked under trees, atop high peaks, in the middle of meadows for many a hiker are as much of a joy to visit as the mountains themselves. Currently it is impossible for these heartwarming huts known in Japanese as ‘Yamagoyas’ to survive. To help them weather through these difficult times we have brought together a group of eight talented artists who all share an extreme love of the mountains to create and sell a few pieces. All profits from this exhibition will go to help the Yamagoyas.



Dai Izaka (photographer)
Is an avid hiker and has walked extensively along the Great Himalaya Trail that crosses Nepal. Is planning to release a new book about his adventures along the GHT on 8/10 (Japan’s national Mountain Day).

Megumi Ochiai (illustrator)
She is the author of the book “Yokubari Onsen Mountain”. And she lives the life she loves. Illustrating mountains while taking an occasional dip in local hot springs. She is part of the climbing group “Gakusenkai.” 

Kasetsu (calligrapher)
Born in Kyoto in 1975. Graduated from Ritsumeikan University. She is unique in that she chooses to focus for long periods of time on drawing just one character. Through much contemplations and study she is able to draw deep. 

Jerry Ukai (illustrator)
Born in Shizuoka; is currently an illustrator and art director. Likes to work with both outdoor brands as well as fashion brands. Jerry has worked with Papersky and Knee High Media for well over 20 years.

Jun Oson (illustrator)
An illustrator living near the sea in Kamakura. He works on everything from advertising jobs to animation works. No matter the job, he always brings good illustrations and design to fruit. 

Yuki Takano (wood worker)
Returned to his birthplace prefecture of Hokkaido in 2012. After studying animal care he went into contemporary art, than began making furniture in Osaka. Now he’s carving bears and mountains. 

Atsushi Tanno (photographer)
Born and living in  Fukuoka he left behind his work as a punk band guitarist, techno DJ/producer, to focus on his current passion of photography. He is also an avid cyclists and often mixes mountains and cycling. 

Yohei Naruse (illustrator)
Living the mountain life in Gifu Prefecture since 1982. He’s working out of a self made hut in the forest and when he’s not moving his pencils and brushes he’s moving his body up rocks as a certified sports climber and instructor. 

Kasane Nogawa (photographer)
Nogawa is both both a fashion and a fine arts photographer. Her love of the mountains is an ongoing affair and she has published several photographic books featuring mountains and nature. 

We’re Always Thinking of the Mountain
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