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Papersky Wear


Ever heard of “ECWCS?” If you’re into military gear, you probably have. "ECWCS" is the acronym for Extra Cold Weather Clothing System, a generic term for combat clothing developed by the U.S. military.


Originally pioneered by the U.S. military in the 1980s as military garments to be donned by soldiers in harsh environments, this system divides clothing into seven levels according to climate and temperature and combines these levels to provide multi-level response to various environments.

Put simply, “dress in appropriate layers according to climate and temperature.” This concept is the same as layering in outdoor clothing and while it is actually a garment for combat use, it is also of great significance that outdoor manufacturers Patagonia and Wild Things are involved in its development and production.

PAPERSKY WEAR focused on Level 4 wind shells of ECWCS, and found them attractive as although they lack the high spec of being completely waterproof or permanently water repellent, they offer moderate wind and rain protection, are soft and light, and above all are versatile enough to be used as both outerwear and middle layers. By making this wind shell easier to use in everyday life, we have updated it as a convenient daily wear that can be used all year round except in midsummer. 


【Cotton-touch Typewriter Cloth 】

The outer fabric is a polyester typewriter cloth with a cotton-like appearance. Wind shells for general outdoor wear are typically made of fabrics that look like synthetic fibers. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, PAPERSKY WEAR wind shells are made of a fabric that is perfect for everyday use while still retaining core functions such as water repellency.

A water-repellent polyester typewriter cloth with a cotton-like appearance. Its key features are its low sheen, ease of use in everyday life, and sheer functionality. The term “typewriter” refers to a fabric made by weaving at very high density. It has a unique and pleasant texture that is firm, crisp and just hard enough. 


Mesh is used for the lining fabric so that it does not feel sticky when in contact with the skin and can be worn comfortably. The pockets on the waist are designed for ease of access and to prevent things falling out. A small pocket on the right sleeve can hold an IC card. 

Also, there are large ventilation openings on the back to reduce excessive moisture inside the garment when worn, and a hood that can be tucked into the collar to keep out sudden wind and rain. These and many other minor updates came about through repeated prototyping and deliberation. Set up using the same fabric as the blouson, the UNIFORM PANTS also have a mesh lining, and the left and right hip pockets have a zipper for extra security so that things don’t fall out.

There is a dedicated pocket for a smartphone on the right back side and a zipper at the hem for easy on/off. 


From light activities to regular use, it is convenient, cool, and can be worn every day. It is designed to be PAPERSKY WEAR’s “daily uniform” type of getup!

It also has a cap equipped with a removable sunshade made of the same fabric. The brim of the cap is soft and can be rolled or folded up and stored in a pocket.

To purchase this UNIFORM BLOUSON as well as other items in the Papersky Wear collection just click on the circle in this banner. Papersky Wear is a store that offers clean everyday wear in line with PAPERSKY's activities, including HIKE & BIKE.