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Omurice Through Tokyo

Yellow Skies and Ketchup Rainbows

Omurice is a dish in the yoshoku Japanized Western food chapter of Japanese cuisine. In essence it is scrambled eggs over ketchup-fried rice, served with more ketchup on top, however, many variations exist. Arguably the most famous s outside of Tokyo is that of Kyoto based restaurant Kichi Kichi: An impossibly fluffy omelette is placed on rice, then sliced down the middle to expose the eggs’ inner which erupts like lava down the rice. But it is the more simple egg omelette wrapping a football-shaped rice mix available nationwide at mom-and-pop stores that should catch one’s attention. After a long day riding, hiking, or just chilling, omurice will greet you like a friend. Some suggestions in Tokyo.


Kitchen Eggs

Kitchen Eggs, Kita-Senju, Adachi-ku

The menu is large with the choices varying from the number of eggs used to what topping you want. The eggs are from Mie and the delicious tomato sauce is made in-house. While you wait you can browse through a library of egg-themed children’s books or help yourself to the soup buffet.

Kitchen Makabe, Soshigaya-Okura, Setagaya-ku

Decorated like your great-aunt’s living room, this spot in Setagaya is frequented by families, and older couples and friends. Amongst the other westernized food choices, the omurice with two crunchy buttery croquettes is one of the most popular menu choices. Ham and green pea rice is tucked underneath a perfectly cooked—though on the thinner side—egg, and is famous for representing the nostalgic taste of the Showa era.

Shichimencho, Koenji, Suginami-ku

This super local Chinese restaurant also makes a really good omurice. Grilled chicken rice with plenty of ketchup is covered in a gooey yet firm egg, and is served with soup and salad. At 650 yen, this will leave you and your wallet happy and satisfied. The staff are also super friendly and the cold beer is self-service.

Kitchen Eggs
Kitchen Makabe

Musashiya, Shinbashi, Minato-ku

Between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on a weekday, you join a line of local workers and relay your order to a staff member. When you make the front of the line you brush aside the string curtain, take a seat, and your meal appears almost instantly. Musashiya treats you to a big plate of fluffy eggs, sour-sweet rice, and a side of creamy Napolitan ketchup pasta. Eat fast, savour, and get out.

Tensho, Jujo, Kita-ku

In the famous shotengai covered street-mall of Jujo, Tensho is a great place to spend Sunday lunch: Have a beer, order some small dishes and watch TV. Always be sure to order the omurice that is made with a crispy-ish, almost fried egg outer and is bathing in ketchup.