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National Park Sandwich

Mighty Mahi-mahi Saikai Sandwich

(Saikai National Park)




・Ayaka Suisan mahi-mahi
・Hirado asparagus
・Hirado pufferfish confit
・Natsuka orange juice
・Tanenowa Oil Refinery rapeseed oil
・Mitsuru Shoyu soy sauce lees
・Tartar sauce
・Fika Bakery pain rustique


Chef Tadahiro Yamaguchi at Ryokan Tanoura Onsen prepared our deluxe sandwich. Deep-fry the just-caught mahi-mahi in fresh rapeseed oil. Sharpen the tartar sauce with the acidity of Natsuka orange juice. Halve the bread and spread the pufferfish confit. Layer the mahi-mahi, tartar sauce, and Hirado asparagus. Sprinkle with soy sauce lees to finish. The hearty yet light and tender mahi-mahi that expresses the scent of Nagasaki seas pairs well with moderately chewy bread, and the texture of asparagus provides just the right accent.

We drive full on into Kyushu’s National Parks. With each park we explore not only it’s nature but also the diverse culture and people living within them. And collaborate with these individuals (farmers, fisherman, makers) to create 5 original sandwiches representing each of the National Parks.
text | Miguel Utsunomiya photography | Masahiro 'Lai' Arai (SunTalk)