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Issue 61


[ Guest ]
Miyako Takayama


Editor’s Note

No.61 — OREGON(2019)

Oregon’s Eighth Wonder; The Bicycle! 


When you eat organic food you feel great. And when you ride a bicycle, a mode of organic transportation, you’ll also feel great! And when you feel great so do the other people around you and the other people around them and this in short is Oregon. A place where a lot of people just feel great! 

Our guest for the issue is Miyako Takayama, model, chef, runner and lifestyle extraordinaire. Our mission, to turn her into an Oregonian and  a cyclists.

Oregon is the ultimate bike state for every type of rider: town bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, cargo bikes and even mini bikes- Oregon has it all! And with each bike and each location comes a different lifestyle. For this issue of Papersky we traveled the entire state and created a specifically themed ride to best capture the lifestyle of each area. 

In Portland the ‘city of doughnuts’, we created a 25km DOUGHNUT RIDE (p.46) that took us to the city’s finest. In Central Oregon we traveled to the Painted Hills one of Oregon’s Seven Wonders. Here we rode through multicolored fossil beds and under rainbows for our FOSSIL RIDE (p.36). We also went on a FISHING RIDE (p.40) in Maupin home to the high desert Deschutes River and on a WINE RIDE (p.38) in the Willamette Valley home to the world’s best Pinot noir. Our LODGE RIDE (p.42) took us on a rocky but amazing mountain bike journey around the Sisters area and on our LIGHTHOUSE RIDE (p.44) we witnessed firsthand the enchantment of Oregon’s Coast. 

With each ride we felt better. I believe we felt better for various reasons: our exposure to nature, our exposure to high amounts of sugar, our exposure to organic food, our exposure to awesome human beings, strong coffee and good wine, fresh air, but most importantly I firmly believe we felt better because of the wonderful place we were – OREGON and the ingenious vehicle we rode each and every day of our two week trip ‘The Bicycle’. 

Ride On!



PAPERSKY Soundtrack For Travelers
OREGON edition

A list of Songs to enjoy over a cup of coffee, while driving, and of course while flipping through the pages of the Oregon edition of Papersky. 

Selected by:

  2. DELIVER ME / Lindsay Clark
  3. RADIO SONG / Esperanza Spalding
  4. CLEAN SLATE / M. Ward
  5. THE CAUSE / Laura Gibson
  6. WORDS OF LOVE / Peter Broderick
  7. BLOW / Tara Jane O’Neil
  8. DRINKING SONG / Haley Heynderickx
  9. SAY YES / Elliott Smith
  10. NEVER GONNA BE THE SAME / Courtney Love


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