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『Japanese Makers』

Emiko Suzuki, Marilou's Pancake Mix

"CRAFTSMAN SERIES" brings together URBAN RESEARCH DOORS and PAPERSKY all over Japan, and closes up the craftsmen who continue manufacturing rooted in that land.


Pancakes, with no milk or eggs!? Simply stir in a tad of soy milk and add a dash of oil, then cook until golden brown. Marilou’s pancake mix has fans up and down Japan thanks to its delicious combination of select ingredients and most importantly because it’s safe for vegans and people with food allergies.

Co-owner, Emiko Suzuki originally ran a café serving brown rice and vegetables with her husband in Niigata. She was invited to join an event, where she developed an original pancake mix to sell as a souvenir.

“I wanted to reserve the final effort of cooking for the customer, and everyone likes to make pancakes.” Wheat flour, sugar, and salt—the simple ingredients perfectly encapsulated her passion and delivered it straight to the customer’s kitchen table. Encouraged by the positive response, Suzuki decided to close her café of nearly 17 years and specialize in making and selling pancake mixes.

“I believe pancakes create happy times and happy memories,” smiles Suzuki. Her small workshop is lined with packages of handcrafted pancake mix. And a breakfast table surrounded by smiles awaits each one of them.

Focusing on craftsman throughout Japan, UR Doors and Papersky have featured many of Japan’s most talented ‘makers’ both within the pages of Papersky magazine as well as via an in store series called "Share the Local".