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Papersky Wear

Re: NEWOOL Six Pockets Fleece

Recycling hair material that performs raw materials, anti -hair, spinning, woven fabrics, organizing, and all processes in Japan "Re: NEWOOL”. Because it uses a raw material made of anti -haired clothing and unused yarn,​ Water use, movement and production energy compared to using new hair​It is a recycling wool that can reduce and reduce CO2 emissions.


This time, the bore material using the recycled wool,Papersky WearofSix PocketS FleeceI adopted it. There are 6 pockets on the left chest, both hips, both sides, and under the back,Six PocketS Fleece. Pockets that are easy to put in and out on both sides are suitable for putting in and out items such as plastic bottles, city maps, caps, etc. In addition, the pocket on the left chest and the back of the back is a pocket for putting a zipper and putting things that you do not want to drop.

The front length is set slightly shorter than the back length so that the tummy is not difficult to move when riding a bicycle. In the town, as an outerwear, it will be a middle layer that can be worn inside the outer shell during full -fledged winter and mountain walks.

RE:NEWOOL Six Pockets Fleece
Material :(Outer fabric)57% wool・24% polyester・16% nylon・1% rayon・1% acrylic・1% cotton(Other fabric)100% polyester polyester(Lining)100% polyester
Price : JPY 28,600

To purchase this RE:NEWOOL Six Pockets Fleece as well as other items in the Papersky Wear collection just click on the circle in this banner. Papersky Wear is a store that offers clean everyday wear in line with PAPERSKY's activities, including HIKE & BIKE.
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