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Papersky Originals

Pegs & Pens POP Pen

The name 'POP pen' comes from the sound this pen makes when opening it's lid. The pen comes in black and blue with the Papersky philosophy 'Pegs & Pens' sketched in laser . The POP ballpoint pen is made of just two parts, a lid in flexible synthetic rubber and a body in plastic. The rubber part gives it a good grip- and protection on all your journey's.


The pen feels comfortable in  hand and it’s compact size makes it practical to carry around with the added bonus of having a replaceable cartridge.

Pegs & Pens POP Pen
Price : JPY 825

To purchase this Pegs & Pens POP Pen as well as other items in the Papersky Store collection just click on the circle in this banner. The Papersky online Store is a travel shop edited by Papersky magazine featuring: light, compact, simply designed, inspiring and well made stuff from Japan and the world.