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Zen Hiker




The pilgrimage known as Ohenro, circling the 88 sacred sites in Shikoku believed to have been founded by Kobo Daishi (a.k.a Kukai), is a journey steeped in spiritual significance. Tokushima, where the first temple is located, represents “Awakening,” Kochi embodies “Ascetic Practices,” Ehime symbolizes “Enlightenment,” and Kagawa signifies “Nirvana.” These stages mirror the path to enlightenment through Buddhist practice, a journey that has been undertaken by many monks and pilgrims for centuries. In this issue of PAPERSKY, we explore this ancient path of faith, dubbed the “Zen Trail,” with a spotlight on the trek around Shikoku as a Zen Hiker.

In recent years, walking long trails such as America’s Appalachian Trail, Spain’s Camino de Santiago, and Japan’s Kumano Kodo has not only captivated enthusiasts but also become a trend among travelers seeking a deeper connection with the natural landscapes and cultures of the regions they explore. This feature zooms in on the pilgrimage of the Shikoku 88 Temple Trail, focusing not just on the spiritual journey but also on the rich tapestry of nature, history, local people, cuisine, and craftsmanship along the way. Our travel guest, the renowned poet Kon Ito, will draw inspiration from this pilgrimage, composing tanka poetry and writing an essay about the experience. Additionally, we will introduce local guests from each prefecture to enrich our understanding and enjoyment of this revered path. Join us on this enlightening lap around Shikoku!

PAPERSKY no.70  SHIKOKU  “Zen Hiker”
A pilgramage along the historical zen trail around Shikoku

Date of Issue : 2024/5/31
Publisher:Kneehigh Media, Inc.
Price:JPY 1,980

PAPERSKY no.70 | SHIKOKU|Zen Hiker
Explore the historical Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage Ohenro, reimagined. In this edition, join us and poet Kon Ito on a spiritual journey along this "Zen Trail" as a Zen Hiker, and see what enlightening cultural experiences await.