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Hiroshima / Ehime
Shimanami Dreamy




The “Setouchi-Shimanami Kaidō” connects Onomichi City in Hiroshima Prefecture with Imabari City in Ehime Prefecture. The 60-km route is lined with beautiful islands in the Seto Inland Sea, where small local culture continues to thrive in citizens daily life. Exploring islands steeped in nature, one can sometimes encounter dreamy landscapes. Such places are full of folks working hard to fulfill their wonderful dreams: people who sail on full moon nights, people who make wine with love and grace, people who grow crops with the land in their hearts, and people who play music on the islands.

In this issue, we visit the “Setouchi-Shimanami Kaido” as well as the “Yumeshima Kaido” and the “Akinada-Tobishima Kaido” to meet “dreamy” denizens living their dreams as if they were reality, and living reality as if it were a dream. The two guests on the trip are Mayumi Yamase, an artist who creates abstract paintings and soft sculptures based on the theme of “things that are invisible but definitely exist,” and Sakura Tsuruta, an electronic music producer and DJ who also has a background as a music therapist.  A journey through the islands, searching for the dreams that float there.

Cruising through sea speckled islands, in search of floating dreams.

Date of Issue : 2023/11/30
Publisher:Kneehigh Media, Inc.
Price:JPY 1,980

From Shimanami Kaido to Yumeshima Kaido, Akinada and Tobishima Kaido, we visit stunning islands in the Seto Inland Sea to see beautiful scenery and meet delightful "dreamy" people. Guests on the trip are artist Mayumi Yamase and music therapist and DJ Sakura Tsuruta.