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Shizuoka Fishing




Rivers cascading down from the Japanese Alps, the Fossa Magna that divides the Japan archipelago into east and south, flanked by Japan’s loftiest peak (Mt.Fuji) and its deepest bay (Suruga). Straddling a dynamic geological formation, Shizuoka Prefecture allows the visitor to marvel at the full gamut of nature. Each region fosters different ecosystems that are rich in natural beauty. Shizuoka  is also a fishing paradise that has anglers hooked. With your fishing rod in hand, whether you head to the sea or to the mountains you are bound to discover a new side of Shizuoka.

This issue features trips around Shizuoka with a focus on “fishing” and “fish”. Our guests were Jerry Ukai, an illustrator hailing from Shizuoka, together with outdoor gear craftsman Mitsuteru Ozaki (aka Jackie Boy Slim).  With two bona fide outdoorsmen for company, we set off on a fishing trip around Shizuoka’s shores, guided by an active local angler.

To Suruga bay with rod and tackle: A Shizuoka fishing spree taking in the sea, mountains, and rivers
Date of Issue : 2022/11/21
Publisher:Kneehigh Media, Inc.
Price:JPY 1,980

A journey into the sea, peaks and rivers of Shizuoka focused on "fishing" and "fish." Guests for this trip are Shizuoka-born illustrator Jerry Ukai and outdoor craftsman Mitsuteru Ozaki, aka Jackie Boy Slim.