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Amami Islands LISTEN




The latest issue of PAPERSKY (no.66), on sale May 20, 2022, is entitled “AMAMI Islands|LISTEN”.  Sandwiched between Kagoshima and Okinawa, Amami Ōshima offers unspoiled nature and a distinctive culture.  A treasure trove of diverse flora and fauna, Amami has been registered as a World Natural Heritage site and is fast gaining prominence. In this bountiful natural environment, the different cultures of the northern and southern parts of the island, as well as of each village, have been cultivated in harmony with the nature of each region. The islanders spend their daily lives within the rhythms and cycles of nature. Spend just a few days here and you’ll see how humans are also part of mother nature. 

This issue features a trip to Amami, taking in various sounds and voices to uncover some the island’s many facets and to focus on the moment that is “now”. Accompanying us on this trip is Miroko Machiko, a painter and picture book writer so enchanted by the unparalleled nature of Amami that she moved there. We are also joined by Yukihto Kanai of Kanai Kogei, a tie-dyeing artist with an impressive output spanning a wide range of fields. In the company of these two artists who convey the vitality of Amami through their works, we tour the island in search of new discoveries and encounters. 

A jaunt to Amami Ōshimai, to bend our ears to the sounds and voices of the island.

Date of Issue : 2022/5/20
Publisher:Knee High Media Japan
Price:JPY 1,650

An island getaway to take in the plethora of sights and sounds that Amami has to offer. Guests on this trip will be painter and picture book author Miroko Machiko and tie-dyeing artist Yukihito Kanai of Kanai Kogei.