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Bringing Fresh Air to Saitama

Vol.3  Yumi Kakazu
(Voice Actor) 



A view of nature nurtured by the bucolic backwoods of Saitama  

Yumi Kakazu, the well-known voice actress who voices the national idol “Shizuka-chan,” was raised in Iruma City. Countless memories lie scattered in the local satoyama, from a childhood spent playing in the mud, to school days spent running through the wooded areas of the Kaji Hills (Iruma City) as part of club activities.

“I guess I was influenced by my parents’ love of stargazing. After I became a parent myself, I took my children on long car trips and enjoyed campfires and sleeping out under the stars.  As they have grown up, I have had fewer opportunities to do so, but I am planning to try solo camping in the future.”

Fascinated by all aspects of camping culture, Kakazu-san first came across muraco shortly after the restrictions on leaving the house due to the pandemic were lifted.   Intrigued by the solid beauty of the products and the fact that the brand was from her hometown, she made an impassioned appeal at the muraco TACHIKAWA store to collaborate on something.

The upshot of this was reading sessions for parents and children at outdoor events organized by muraco.

“Storytelling and live readings in nature are my lifework. Under the stars, inside a tent, with the sound of the wind as background music. Listening to stories outdoors is an unforgettable experience for everyone, from children to adults.

Location:Kinchakuda Manjushage Park (Hidaka City)

Yumi Kakazu
Voice actor, baby masseur picture book author. Spent her formative years in Sayama City and her school years in Iruma City. The voice behind the character of Shizuka Minamoto in “Doraemon,” she has also featured in many other works including “Soreike! Anpanman”. She has been reading aloud to children for more than 10 years, which she considers to be her lifework.
Instagram: @yumi_kakazu

Gris × TEMBEA POCHETTE LARGE Natural ¥15,400

When heading out for a walk, Kakazu-san always goes empty-handed. No wonder then that she is so fond of this canvas pochette made by Gris, a dog accessory brand by muraco, in collaboration with TEMBEA. The artwork depicting you and your dog at a campsite is adorable. 
Based in Sayama, Saitama Prefecture, muraco creates innovative outdoor products with craftsmanship and reliable technology under the concept of "OUTDOOR GUILD.
text | Ryoko Kuraishi photography | Hao Moda