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Editor’s Note

No.53 — SHODOSHIMA(2017)

Heaven’s Trail


I’ve visited Shodoshima five times and each time I find myself more and more attracted to the island that humbly calls itself the ‘Island of Small Beans”. The island can boost of having no airports and no bridges, making it a modern day phenomenon that can only be reached via boat. Shodoshima is naturally beautiful but it’s magnetic ability to draw in interesting, open minded and diversified people through the ages is what sets it apart.

My most recent visit during the winter of 2016 led to the idea of creating a Shodoshima Ohenro issue. For the past ten years each winter my wife and a few friends head out to various locations in Japan and walk Old Japanese Highways. The roads we walk are usually from the Edo Period and many times much older. The roads wander through cities, towns, villages, pass oceans, rivers and go through and over mountains. 

In December 2016 our walking team known as the ‘Skywalkers’ walked the Shodoshima 88 Ohenro trail. The Ohenro route is a 150 km pilgrimage. The course makes a complete circle around the island going through small towns and fishing villages as well as along the scenic coast and cutting through the islands rugged mountains with fantastic views over the Inland Sea. Historically, the Ohenro Trail is significant due to it’s strong connections with Kobo Daishi who frequently visited Shodoshima on his way to Kyoto, seeking out sacred spots. 

If you decide to hike the Shodoshima Ohenro trail you’ll be awe struck by the sheer beauty of the island and easy-goingness and acceptingness of the locals. You’ll also find your self day dreaming in satisfaction as you walk through the islands beautiful Olive Trees, take in whiffs of the sweet smell that wafts from the islands many Soy Sauce factories, and smiling as you view the scenery of the small scale Somen makers who hang their noodles out to dry in the breezy island air and soft sunlight. Welcome to Heaven’s Trail. 



PAPERSKY Soundtrack For Travelers

A list of Songs to enjoy over a cup of coffee, while driving, and of course while flipping through the pages of the Shodoshima edition of Papersky. 

Selected by:

  1. MFMFD / Pepe California
  3. PACIFIC RHYTHM / Quiet Village
  4. SUMMER BLUE / Bread & Butter
  5. TRIPPIN’ (Edit with Additions feat. Dexter Story Multi-Instruments) / Nabowa Meets Carlos Niño & Friends
  6. POOL / D.A.N.
  7. TOUCH ME, TAKE ME (Rocky’s Revenge) / Sexy T.K.O.
  8. JELLYFISH THEME / Pacific 231
  9. SUN & THE WHEELS / Gabby & Lopez
  10. KOKONIARUTABI / Takuji Aoyagi


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