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Kasane Nogawa exhibition

2/9/2024 〜 2/25/2024

Announcing "Perspective," an exhibition devoted to the vantage point of photographer Kasane Nogawa.


A lens on nature as she wanders through the mountains. Designed to evoke her time in the mountains, this exhibition ventures to create a visual contradiction in expression, conveying to the viewer a new way of looking at things. Slide talk shows   and hiking tours will also be held as related events. We look forward to seeing you there.

Slide talk show: Friday, February 16, 17:00-  
Hiking tour: Friday, March 15

Kasane Nogawa
Photographer. Presenting her works under the theme of mountains and nature. Her photography books include “Mountains in My Pocket” and “with THE MOUNTAIN” (wood/water records). She is the author of “Yama to Shashin” (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha) and “think of your mountain” (BCCKS). Co-author of many books, including “Yama Hut Lights” (Yama to Keikokusha) and “Yama to Kogen” (Pai International). Notable exhibitions include “Tokyo Photography Month 2019 ‘People Who Dwell in the Mountains’-Together with the Mountains” (Pictorico Shop & Gallery Omotesando 2019) and “study MOUNTAIN Exploration” (Tabuchi Yukio Memorial Museum 2023).

Kasane Nogawa exhibition

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