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Between the Indoors & Outdoors

3/24/2021 〜 5/16/2021

For this exhibition we have brought together artists and artisans that have crafted their art and products around melding the boarders between Inside & Out. Many of them are brining the outdoors, inside to our homes; while others are creating products that can be used both inside and out.


As our world rapidly changes we are finding more and more that the boarders between the indoors and outdoors are blurring. We are in some ways entering a new phrase of humanity a kind of modern nomadism. We no longer need to be at the office, or at home, we are becoming free of such boxes and the choice of where we choose to be is becoming our own. 

Outdoor Gallery is dedicated to merging the lines of culture and nature and as we merge the lines of inside and out it seems to us the world is discovering the simple merits of having less that does more. And re-learning our primitive but very humanistic skill of being able to move between environments with ease. When we are confined to the Indoors we notice the importance of our need to balance nature both in our outdoor and indoor lives. 

It’s our hope that the art and products you discover in this exhibition will refresh and inspire you and bring an external and internal glow to your heart and to your consciousness.


Hayato Aoki (Kyoto | Music&Painting)
Creating music and art grown in nature. Mixing grass, flowers and wind in harmony. 

Arts and Climbs (Gifu | Rope Goods) 
Connecting climbing and art by weaving together old climbing ropes.

Yukihito Kanai x OWL(Kagoshima | Abstract Natural Dyeing
A collection of natural dyeing art work crafted by dyer and a lifestyle tool store. 

Eri Naruse (Gifu | Metal) 
Forged metal plates, Sierra cups and cutlery for outdoor use.

Forager(Tokyo | Vase, Bouquets)
Creating Bouquets filled with the landscapes, smells and air of Spring. 

Suigen (Okinawa | Mist sprays, Herbal Teas) 
Wild plants from the Yanbaru forest. 

The Small Twist Trailfoods (Yamanashi | Organic Trail foods) 
Restaurant taste for the trail. 

Vivahde (TokyoWoodenware)
Multi purpose wooden vessels for both the home and the outdoors.  

Between the Indoors & Outdoors
3F&4F 22-8, Motoyoyogi-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-6407-8179
Opening Hours: 12:00〜19:00 (Closed at 17:00 on the last day.)

A Gallery dedicated to featuring art and products with a specific focus on the outdoors and a respect for culture. Outdoor Gallery is a partnership between And Wander clothing and Papersky magazine.