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Papersky Originals

Hiker’s Towel w/ Small Carabiner

Made with organic cotton and bamboo this towel feels like a true Japanese Beauty and drys like a March Breeze.


We’ve teamed up with Imabari towel maker Ikeuchi Organic to create a perfect hiking towel that functions as beautifully as it’s designed. Available in – ‘snow white’ & ‘river blue’

*Small Carabiner
RIVER BLUE × Silver Carabiner
SNOW WHITE × Black Carabiner

Hiker’s Towel w/ Small Carabiner
Price : JPY 1,518
【Hiker’s Towel】
Size:25cm × 25cm
iMaterial:organic cotton 86%, bamboo rayon 8%, polyester 6%
【Small Carabiner】
Size : 50mm ×22mm 
Weight : 8g
Maximum Load Weight:4.5kg

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