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No.62 — TOKYO(2020)

Talking with Trees.

Lucas B.B.



This issue is dedicated to Tokyo’s unsung hero the tree. 

It’s interesting to be writing about trees in the midst of a global human pandemic but in many ways they may be our saviors. They stand both connected to one another while simultaneously firmly rooted to the earth. Something we humans are finally realizing is critical for the long term survival of our species. 

Tokyo, as with many cities has a deep and long cultural history, and many of the trees in the world’s largest city have been standing tall, green and proud throughout the city’s growth for well over 100+ years and even up to 800+ years!!!

For this issue we at Papersky masterminded a 60km route that literally spirals the city while showcasing some of Tokyo’s oldest and most unique trees and green spots. The course winds over six sections which can be navigated as a thru-hike or ride; but even more refreshing is to explore the course over two or three days. Thus allowing ample time to take in the trees as well as some of Tokyo’s history and gastronomic culture. 

We’ve dubbed the course the TOKYO TREE TREK or simply the TTT And have specifically designed the course so it’s equally rewarding for both hikers and cyclists. We imagine the course will become an iconic part of the city for many years to come and a challenge that people both coming from abroad as well as locals will want to explore and document. 

Our aspiration is that as people explore the TTT;  they will come to see Tokyo through greener eyes and with greener eyes will be enlightened to protect, hug, and converse with the beautiful wooden beasts that line our city’s streets, shrines and parks.

PAPERSKY has created a 60km trail that connects trees in Tokyo. This original route starts from Shinagawa-juku (Kita-Shinagawa), which welcomed travelers as the gateway to Edo (old name for Tokyo), and winds around in a clockwise direction to the Imperial Palace, where Edo Castle once stood.

TOKYO TREE TREK | Papersky no.62
For this issue we at Papersky masterminded a 60km route that literally spirals the city while showcasing some of Tokyo’s: Oldest, Biggest and most Unique trees and green spots. Pick up a printed copy of the TTT issue in the Papersky Store now.
Strava partnered with Papersky to bring you an online route map documenting all 60km of the Tokyo Tree Trek course. The courses six sections are open to be cycled, hiked or run and can be explored over as many days as you like or dipped into for a single stage depending on how much of Tokyo’s historic and gastronomic culture you want to sample.