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Papersky Wear

ART&FRAME(PAPERSKY with Nieves and Andreas Samuelsson)

Swedish artist Andreas Samuelson with him as a guest, Switzerland Publisher NIEVES is the capsule collection curated.


This is an art that prints PaperSky’s four activities (mountain climbing, fishing, skateboard, bicycle), and an art that expresses four activities in one graphic. Silkscreen prints only are also available.

ART&FRAME(PAPERSKY with Nieves and Andreas Samuelsson)
Material : Body paper (Silkscreen Print) Framewood (ash wood)
Size : 200×200mm (Silkscreen Print only)
Price : With a frame:JPY 11,550 Without a frame:JPY 4,950 

To purchase this ART (Papersky with Nieves and Andreas Samuelson) as well as other items in the Papersky Wear collection just click on the circle in this banner. Papersky Wear is a store that offers clean everyday wear in line with PAPERSKY's activities, including HIKE & BIKE.
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