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ヨーロッパの小国でありながら、自国の特性を活かした国家を形成し、経済面でも文化面でも世界をリードするスイス。自転車愛好家も多く、賢く、美しく、気取らない、人間性の高い人々が暮らし、ローカリズムとグローバリズムが絶妙なバラ […]


PAPERSKY No.33 Swiss Issue
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Swiss an Idyllic Ride.
Switzerland is what all countries should aspire to become. Besides being a bicycle loving and friendly place, the nation is stunningly beautiful, unpretentious and intelligent all while being able to keep a remarkable balance between localism and globalism.
Papersky spent two weeks riding bicycles as well as trains and literally traveled all around the country. In doing so we learned that Switzerland’s ultimate respect for individuality as well as community is the secret behind the good vibrations we felt throughout our journey.
We would get off the train at Interlaken and ride 40 kilometers through the Swiss Alps while passing through German speaking regions. Then we would get back on the train, ride, exit, pick up some rental bikes at Vevey station and “voila!” The area becomes French as does the language, the food, the customs and even the architecture. Once again: on the train, off the train, rent the bikes, this time at Poschiavo and “Mama Mia!” – it’s Italy, even the police leading the pelaton of the Giro de Italia are Italian. For the oldest ethnic group, the Romansh, we visited Zuoz a quintessentially quaint town, with its distinctive half-circle doors.
Although, while each region of Switzerland speaks a different language and carries its own distinct culture, everybody is proud as a button to be first and foremost Swiss. The Swiss flag flies high everywhere, in a manner that in most places would be embarrassing- but here it’s genuine- it’s not about being patriotic, rather it’s about being proud of just being who you are. This is what we found in Switzerland: a land of good people who are genuinely proud to be themselves.
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