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ニュージーランドの“長い”旅路|Editor's Note #41

前号を発行してから、“長い”時間が経ってしまった。なぜなら僕らは、ニュージーランドを“長い”時間をかけて歩くロングウォークの旅に出ていたから。今回、どうしてこういった特集を組んだかというと、PAPERSKYの読者にはハイ […]


ニュージーランドでは、ロングウォークの旅は特別なことではない。全土に張りめぐらされたトレイルや、“長い”距離を移動する旅人への配慮があり、インフラが整備されているからだ。DOC(Department of Conservation)という驚くべきシステムにより、全国どこへ行っても管理されたトレイルや清潔な山小屋、テントサイトがあり、ハイカーたちをサポートしている。このような徹底した管理システムのもと、人々は気軽に山や森に入り、キャンプやアウトドアを楽めるというわけだ。そんなすばらしいニュージーランドを舞台に、時間が許すかぎりのんびりと“長い”時間をかけて旅してほしい。ザックに荷物を詰めたら、大自然を遊び場に、歩き、自転車で走る長旅へ出かけよう。
New Zealand’s Long Pathway
It’s been a Long time since our last issue- and that’s because we’ve been on a Long walk in the land of New Zealand. We know that many of our readers are very active hikers as well as bicyclist but we want to introduce Papersky fans to a new way of approaching hiking & biking. A way that is not just a weekend stroll in the mountains or a day cycling around town. In this issue we went to New Zealand to discover what is called for hikers, the LONG TRAIL or LONG WALK and for cyclist the LONG RIDE.
Walking or riding LONG is pretty much any walk or ride that lasts at least four days and in many cases several weeks and in extreme cases several months. In New Zealand they call this ‘tramping’ when it’s done on foot and ‘touring’ when it’s done by bike.
Walking the LONG TRAIL or cycling on the LONG RIDE is a mentality changing experience- after doing a LONG WALK you will no longer be the same person you were prior to starting the walk. How you change depends on you and your experiences- but the distance, days, animals, people, weather sounds and the constant moving on and up and down and around– will physically change you and likely in a very positive and up beat way.
In New Zealand LONG WALKER’S are not an exclusive club they make up a large percent of the population. New Zealand has created the worlds most amazing network of trails, well kept, well made, long lasting, with an infrastructure to match. Besides having some of the worlds best maintained trails New Zeland also has some of the worlds cleanest huts, & tent sites, thanks to their amazing DOC (Department of Conservation) system. Besides making it easy to stay & camp the trails offer amazing signage and DOC offers easy & accurate maps so that one can walk and ride and play about in New Zealand’s natural play ground for days on end.