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自転車で、海の京都へ|Editor's Note #52

京都はまちがいなく、日本で最も美しく、住みやすく、多くの人々が訪れる場所である。金閣寺、龍安寺、清水寺、二条城、そして市内の中心にある錦市場…。京都は歴史的な建造物が点在し、日本の伝統文化にふれられる場所、と誰もが認識し […]


町から一歩外に出れば、そこには未知の京都がある。ひたすら北上していけば、その大地の先にはきらめく海、そう日本海が広がっているのだ! 今号の特集では、京都駅を起点に日本海まで続く道を自転車で移動しながら探検しようと計画し、その旅の記録を紹介している。
PAPERSKYの読者はご存じのとおり、僕たちは自転車のファンであり、愛好者であり、ライダーでもあり、サポーターでもある。実際、年に3回、自転車で日本を再発見する旅「PAPERSKY Tour de Nippon」も開催している。参加者とともに風を切り、日本各地のすばらしい自然や文化にふれることを目的としたイベントだ。そして今回、このコンセプトをもとに、京都の町から海へと自転車で走る旅に出た。京都を再発見するために、いくつもの峠を越え、さまざまな人、暮らしに出会い、6日間で320kmという距離を走破した。
Kyoto by Bike from City to Sea
One thing is certain. Kyoto is Japan’s most beautiful, livable and frequently visited city. The Kyoto many of us know is dotted with ancient architecture and traditional Japanese culture; some of the most popular examples include: Kinkakuji, Ryoanji, Kiyomizu-Dera, Nijo Castle and the Nishiki Market in the heart of Kyoto’s shopping district. However, beyond these splendid national treasures and beyond the mountains surrounding the city lies a Kyoto virtually unexplored.
Traveling to the ‘far side’ of Kyoto is to discover a new land. And once you have traveled so far that there is no longer any remaining land to travel you’ll further be confounded to realize that Kyoto has a glimmering sea! The Sea of Japan. This issue of Papersky is an exploration via bicycle from Kyoto’s ‘City to Sea’.
Regular readers of Papersky already know we are avid bicycle; fans, lovers, riders and supporters. And many Papersky followers also know that we host three special bicycle events each year in various rural communities as part of an ongoing series of rides called the ‘Papersky Tour de Nippon’. With our rides it is always our mission to re-discover Japan and it’s vibrant local cultures. So we took this same philosophy and decided to create a Kyoto, ‘City to Sea’, issue and re-discover Kyoto via a 6 day bicycle ride taking us over several mountain ranges and carrying us a total distance of approximately 320 kilometers.
On average we traveled about 60 kilometers a day. A very ‘doable’ pace. Lodging wise we spent three nights camping and the remaining two nights we stayed with the locals. We designed the trip specifically so you, the reader, can do it! All of the information you need including places to stay, what to pack, where to eat and the route to ride are included in the story. So get reading, get inspired, find or rent a bike and prepare to discover a Kyoto you never knew existed.