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クリーン! 地上の楽園、サウスインディア(No.39)

インドと聞いて人々が思い浮かべるイメージはさまざまだが、「クリーン」という言葉が浮かぶ人はおそらくいないだろう。しかし南インドのケーララ州は、景観も人々の精神も、クリーンでグリーンで健康的な場所。今回、PAPERSKYで […]


アート:インド初となる国際アートフェスティバル『コーチ=ムジリス・ビエンナーレ2012』が開催される。古くから交易で栄えてきた港町コーチを舞台に、Subodh Gupta、Gitanjali Rao、Amar Kanwarといった国際的に活躍するアーティストのほか、インド国籍のアーティストが多数参加する催しだ。

CLEAN! in South India
When we think of India- we think of many things- but rarely does the word CLEAN come to mind.
However, Southern India is clean, green and healthy both inside and out. We traveled to Kerala known as “Gods Own Country” with our guest navigator Yuya Sarashina an Ashtanga Yoga instructor. With the Arabian Sea’s long shoreline and serene beaches, towering mountain ranges, and a plethora of waterways known as the ‘backwater’ giving birth to coconut trees and rice fields- Kerala is a paradise. But beyond it’s natural beauty- Kerala is becoming Indian’s new haven for Art, Food and Health.
ART: The inaugural Kochi-Muziris Biennale is a new festival of contemporary art taking place in Kochi this year. All exhibitions are free and over 50% of the artist will be Indian. A few big name Indian artist expected to participate in this years event are Subodh Gupta, Gitanjali Rao and Amar Kanwar.
FOOD: South India’s cuisine is deliciously healthy. Vegetarians make up approximately 40% of the population- over 480 million people! in the South folks eat & grow lot’s of rice as well as dosa’s ( rice flour crepes ). Kerala is also a huge spice and tea farming area- and it’s abundance of coconuts give life to curries, cooking oil and Toddy ( Palm Wine ).
HEALTH: Ayurveda, “the knowledge for long life” is a 5,000 year old Hindu system of traditional medicines. The origins of Ayurveda are rooted in Kerala as it was and is home to the legendary eight families of Vaidyas and their successors. Unlike other Indian states the status of Ayurveda in Kerala is not alternative but mainstream and it’s the only state which practices this system of medicine with absolute dedication.
Simply put- Southern India is ‘clean & green’ and we hope that with Papersky in hand you’ll soon be heading South.