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ニューヨークを訪れるのは、じつに7年ぶりだった。『TOKION』を編集していた90年代後半、僕はよくこの街を訪れた。友人や仕事仲間と過ごすのは楽しい時間だったが、客観的にこの街を眺めると、どこか冷たく、危険な雰囲気が漂い […]


そんなニューヨークの写真再生期に、PAPERSKYは、この街で暮らした経験をもつ写真家の若木信吾さんと旅をした。いわゆる名所から、なんでもない街の風景まで、「写真」をテーマに、2週間もの間、歩き、話し、そして呼吸をしながら、まさに写真三昧の日々を送った。この街で暮らす写真家に取材をし、写真を扱う新旧のギャラリー、そしてMoMA にも訪れた。また、写真専門の出版社や写真専門学校などの取材もおこない、時間の許すかぎり、良質なアートブックを扱う個性的なブックショップにも足を運んだ。
PAPERSKY No.34 New York
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A New York Photography walk
Seven years have passed since I last traveled to New York City. In the days when we were doing Tokion I would frequently travel to the city but always seemed to dread the place- the people were cold, certain areas were extremely dangerous, everybody seemed to think they were the center of the world, and all in all it was actually a pretty boring place.
Things have changed. This time I found the people were pleasant, the city was safe and our theme for the issue, photography, seemed to be an incredibly exciting and timely topic. We discovered and learned that this artform- which some have claimed is finished- is in fact actually just beginning; being remade and re-thought and re-inventing itself. And to our surprise, this metamorphosis is taking seed in New York City.
The Papersky crew decide to take a walk around New York with photographer Wakagi Shingo by our side- clicking and capturing some iconic New York landmarks along the way. We walked, talked and breathed photography for about two weeks. In that time, Papersky met up with some of the driving photographers young and old behind this metamorphosis.
We also visited some of the best photography galleries in the city. Of course we stopped by the MOMA, Aperture and The International Center for Photography as well as managed to take a peak into a few photography workshops. And of course, before returning to our home in Japan, stopped by some amazing bookshops.
To sum up our trip in brief, a re-birth of photography is firmly taking seed in New York City, and inmy humble opinion, the message simply declares: Photography is about creating and capturing goodenergy and in doing so, inspiring life.
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