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papersky store

Reflector + Tipi-Carabiner|PAPERSKY STORE

Reflectors are a low cost but high impact safety travel tool. Strap one on your bag, zipper, belt, or anything else with a passable loop. Besides reflecting the light... »STORY

papersky store

Bike ‘n Hike Bag

Papersky teamed up with RawLow Mountain products to develop the worlds first Saddle Bag that also easily... »STORY

Multi-T | Icebreaker × Papersky × Groovisions

Multi-T is the T-shirt of dreams. It’s 100% merino wool which means you’ll be cool on hot days and warm... »STORY

papersky store

Merino Long -T | Icebreaker × Papersky × Groovisions

Whether you ride on road or off road this T-shirt is for you. Designer Ito Hiroshi made one arm in a... »STORY

papersky store


The name 'POP pen' comes from the sound this pen makes when opening it's lid. The pen comes in black and... »STORY

papersky store

Around the World Pants|PAPERSKY STORE

'Around the World Pants' a collaboration between Japanese jeans brand Deeper's Wear and Papersky mix style... »STORY

papersky tour de nippon

Tour de Nippon in Hamamatsu

Hamamatsu, Shizuoka; land of abundance: fresh food is plenty and music wafts in the air as Yamaha and Kawai... »STORY

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Speedo Sack

Any traveler will surely be flying high with this light weight, compact, waterproof pouch. The waterproof... »STORY

papersky store

Sunglass Bag

After a day in extreme sun we usually hit the sack exhausted. So of course after a hard day reflecting the... »STORY

papersky store

Reflector + Tipi-Carabiner

Reflectors are a low cost but high impact safety travel tool. Strap one on your bag, zipper, belt, or... »STORY

papersky store

Small Pocket Knife

The husband wife painting unit Hitotzuki painted a mural on the Knee High house in celebration of Knee High... »STORY

Photography: Gustav Karisson Frost


To ‘FIKA’ is a Swedish concept, meaning simply ‘to have coffee’. ‘Fika’ happens at any time,... »STORY

papersky store

Nara 3 year Organic Bancha

Papersky has selected two of Japan's best tasting and 100% organic teas and packaged them into 'no string'... »STORY

papersky store

Light Towel & Scarf

This 'made in japan' towel & scarf is one of Papersky's ultimate travel tools. In hot weather wrap it around... »STORY

papersky store

Japan Travel Towel

An exciting series of ‘tenuguis’ inspired by Papersky’s Tour de Nippon series of bicycle rides across... »STORY

papersky store

Traveler’s Coffee

These compact 'Traveler's Coffee' coffee packs now in three flavours (On The Road, Bossa Nova, and Seaside... »STORY

papersky store


We teamed up with the incredibly talented stationary designer at Alaska Bungu to create the ultimate travel &... »STORY

papersky store

Dry Bag

Whether you’re on foot, on your bike or in your kayak, your gear is always safe when stowed in an ORTLIEB... »STORY

papersky store

Trip Case

We've made a functional bag that also looks awesome both indoors and out. Use it in the house or office as... »STORY

papersky store

Key & Card Holder

A play on words and the story begins. In Japanese ‘Ki’ means wood- but in English ‘Key’ means the... »STORY

papersky store

Zip & Squeezer

This product functions as a kitchen clip and a tube squeezer. The clip is able to pinch powerfully by pulling... »STORY