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Zip & Squeezer

This product functions as a kitchen clip and a tube squeezer. The clip is able to pinch powerfully by pulling on a shock-cord that is inserted through a metal pipe... »STORY

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Pegs & Pens Case

Papersky & garage brand Hariyama Productions teamed up to bring you an awesome "outdoor-stationary" all in... »STORY

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Tote Bag made with Love

In Japan Indigo Dying, aizome often called 'Japan Blue' has been the color of choice since Edo Times.... »STORY

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Mackerel or saba was delivered to Kyoto from the Japan Sea via the Saba Kaido (Mackerel Highway) – a... »STORY

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Bike ‘n Hike Bag

Papersky teamed up with RawLow Mountain products to develop the worlds first Saddle Bag that also easily... »STORY

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Insect Repellent Soy Candle

This soy candle is a natural traveling companion. It's compact size increases mobility and soy wax ensures a... »STORY

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Speedo Sack

Any traveler will surely be flying high with this light weight, compact, waterproof pouch. The waterproof... »STORY


Tour de Nippon in Akita / Tazawako

Tazawako, Akita located in Northern Japan is filled with green trees, blue water and mountain vegetables.... »STORY

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Hiker’s Towel w/ Small Carabiner

Made with organic cotton and bamboo this towel feels like a true Japanese Beauty and drys like a March... »STORY

Photo: Kazuharu Igarashi

The Suttle Lodge

In the state of Oregon, Sitting literally in the middle of the ancient Deshutes National Forest; home to high... »STORY

tour de nippon in gunma

Tour de Nippon in Gunma

Gunma is a prefecture of strong winds, bright sun and big mountains. In short this means things dry and grow... »STORY

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Travel On! | Klean Kanteen Bottle

This Fresh Pine green colored Klean Kanteen original Papersky model will quench your thirst with it's looks... »STORY

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PAPERSKY All-Weather Sticker

These Papersky icon airplane stickers are built to last. They're waterproof and also are printed with special... »STORY

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NAGA | Nao Tsuda

“NAGA” is the second publication following “SAMELAND”, a photo book sourced from Nao Tsuda’s... »STORY

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NOTEBOOK-06 | mirror mirror

Photographer, Miho Kakuta, has put together a beautiful book of photos that she took on various voyages to... »STORY

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HELLO SANDWICH | tokyo guide | Ebony Bizys

Ebony Bizys is a Tokyo Insider from the inside and out. In this lovely book-zine she has put together places... »STORY

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Ise & Toba Travel Towel

An exciting series of ‘tenuguis’ inspired by Papersky’s Tour de Nippon series of bicycle rides across... »STORY

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Porlex Mini Coffee Mill

Porlex is a Japanese company known for it's compact but mini coffee grinders. This grinder is very well made... »STORY

papersky tour de nippon

Tour de Nippon in Kyoto / Tango

The Northern Kyoto / Tango area runs parallel to the Sea of Japan. The town of Ine features perhaps the... »STORY

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Flat Pouch

Simple and clear these pouches come in three sizes and we’ve created each size in a different color. You... »STORY

papersky store

“Clear Sky” Travel Incense Case

Born in Japan's bamboo craft capital Beppu, Oita. Each incense holder is shaped by craft unit BAICA and will... »STORY