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NAGA | Nao Tsuda

“NAGA” is the second publication following “SAMELAND”, a photo book sourced from Nao Tsuda’s fieldwork.The photography in this book focuses on Sagaing Region of Myanmar... »STORY

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NOTEBOOK-06 | mirror mirror

Photographer, Miho Kakuta, has put together a beautiful book of photos that she took on various voyages to... »STORY

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HELLO SANDWICH | tokyo guide | Ebony Bizys

Ebony Bizys is a Tokyo Insider from the inside and out. In this lovely book-zine she has put together places... »STORY

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Ise & Toba Travel Towel

An exciting series of ‘tenuguis’ inspired by Papersky’s Tour de Nippon series of bicycle rides across... »STORY

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Porlex Mini Coffee Mill

Porlex is a Japanese company known for it's compact but mini coffee grinders. This grinder is very well made... »STORY

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Flat Pouch

Simple and clear these pouches come in three sizes and we’ve created each size in a different color. You... »STORY

Photography: Shinji Yagi

PAPERSKY no.56 HAWAII | Retreat Issue

Before packing your bags and heading to Hawaii’s ‘Big Island’ think what you’ll do with all the extra... »STORY

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Kiya Nail Clipper

This travel sized nail clipper is made by the famous knife maker Kiya. Kiya began making knives in 1792 and... »STORY

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We’ve got you covered from A-Z thanks to one of our favorite Japanese graphic designers and illustrators... »STORY

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Tooth Brush “BRILLO”

The Brillo Folding Toothbrush is one of the best travel partners in the world. Packs down tight & small and... »STORY


Papersky Enamel Walking Cup

An all white Enamel Steel Mug cup. Papersky has been walking 'donkey strong' since 1996 exploring both the... »STORY

tour de nippon in miyakojima

Tour de Nippon in Miyakojima (Okinawa)

Miyako Island (Miyakojima), Okinawa will be the destination for the May edition of Papersky’s Tour de... »STORY


B.B. ‘Organic’- T

We're always looking for 'Different Ways to Travel' and taking a walk, run or hike in this 100% organic green... »STORY

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Ametsuchi Sake Cups

These oversized sake cups- make for the perfect toast. Hand crafted in Kyoto by Naomi Ashida she created this... »STORY

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“Clear Sky” Travel Incense Case

Born in Japan's bamboo craft capital Beppu, Oita. Each incense holder is shaped by craft unit BAICA and will... »STORY

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Hiker’s Towel w/ Small Carabiner

Made with organic cotton and bamboo this towel feels like a true Japanese Beauty and drys like a March... »STORY

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Reflector + Tipi-Carabiner|PAPERSKY STORE

Reflectors are a low cost but high impact safety travel tool. Strap one on your bag, zipper, belt, or... »STORY

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Bike ‘n Hike Bag

Papersky teamed up with RawLow Mountain products to develop the worlds first Saddle Bag that also easily... »STORY

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Multi-T | Icebreaker × Papersky × Groovisions

Multi-T is the T-shirt of dreams. It’s 100% merino wool which means you’ll be cool on hot days and warm... »STORY

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Merino Long -T | Icebreaker × Papersky × Groovisions

Whether you ride on road or off road this T-shirt is for you. Designer Ito Hiroshi made one arm in a... »STORY

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The name 'POP pen' comes from the sound this pen makes when opening it's lid. The pen comes in black and... »STORY