Papersky Japan Stories

Freediving in Amami’s Aqua Blue

Hold your breath and explore the deep underwater world free from equipment—freediving lures you into a state of underwater meditation and oneness with the ocean. Little wonder, then, that it’s steadily attracting … see more

息を止め、身体ひとつで海深くへ。潜水中は瞑想状態に近く、海と一体となったような感覚を味わえるスポーツとあって、近年、フリーダイビングを愛好する人がじわじわと増加中だ。まるで海の生き物のように水中を自在に泳ぐ… さらに見る

Papersky Japan Stories

Japanese Fika

Fika is the Swedish custom of taking a break over a cup of coffee or tea. In Japanese Fika, Seiko Ito is our host and invites a guest to chat over tea, sweets, and flowers. Our guest for the fifth edition is Goma, a player of the … see more



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This typewriter is made of cotton-touch polyester cave yarn. The irregular cross-section of the cave yarn expands the surface area …
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Papersky Tools

Tarp Pouch

These waterproof tarp pouches are lightweight and come with a handy eyelet and water tight zipper closure. Travelers can use these  bags to …
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Papersky Wear

'Activity logo' T-SHIRT

A capsule collection curated by Swiss publisher Nieves and featuring Swedish artist AndreasSamuelsson. Andreas designed graphics to …
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スウェーデンのアーティストAndreas Samuelsson をゲストに迎え、スイスの出版社 Nieves がキュレーションしたカプセルコレクションです。

“A garden is nature created by humans, but by coexisting with nature created from the earth. It is attractive to transform that into a more expansive space. A garden never looks the same during any given time, weather, or season, and that fascinates me.”
— Chisao Shigemori (Japanese Gardener)

from 'Zen and art of a Japanese Gardener’ Chisao Shigemori

— 重森千靑(作庭家)

from「日本の庭園の禅と美 」重森千靑

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