Papersky Japan Stories

Bike Packing Weekend

Tenryu-ku, located in the northern part of Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, is in the Tenryu River basin, which once prospered from river transportation and thrived as a distribution hub. This time, we are touring on mini velos  see more

静岡県浜松市の北部に位置する天竜区は、かつて河川輸送で栄えた天竜川流域にあり、交通の要衝として発展した地域だ。今回は天竜区の玄関口である二俣から、豊かな森林と渓谷美に恵まれた阿多古をグラベルロード仕様のミニベロで … さらに見る

Papersky Japan Stories

Star Atlas

Shizuoka Sengen Shrine is located in Aoi-Ku, Shizuoka City, and is known as “Osengen-san” to the people of the city. In front of the gate is the Shizuoka Sengen-dori shopping street, which runs approximately 600  see more

静岡市葵区にあり、街の人たちに「おせんげんさん」として親しまれている静岡浅間神社。その門前に、南北約600メートル続く静岡浅間通り商店街がある。2020年1月、田向義和さんはこの場所に「お好み焼き みかみ」をオープン… さらに見る


Papersky Wear


This is an art that prints PaperSky’s four activities (mountain climbing, fishing, skateboard, bicycle), and an art that expresses four activities …
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Papersky Tools


In Japan the word ’tabi’ has two meanings. One meaning is to take a trip. The other meaning is a type of sock that separates one’s big …
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Papersky Wear

'Activity logo’

This is a postcard printed with eight graphics drawn by Andreas Samuelsson with the image of PAPERSKY.
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スウェーデンのアーティストAndreas SamuelssonがPAPERSKYをイメージして描いた8種のグラフィックをプリントしたポストカードです。

“Living in the country takes a lot of effort, and my life is a far cry from the elegant expression ‘slow living.’ But this is my way of living, and I feel lucky that I can go against the tide and live the life I love. ”
— Hiroshi Kumazaki(Stained Glass Artist)

from ’Freedom on Amami Oshima
Balancing a Comfortable way of life and a Vocation’

— 熊崎浩(ステインドグラス・アーティスト)

from 「奄美大島の地で自由に紡ぐ、心地良い暮らしと生業」

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