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Shizuoka issue

This issue features trips around Shizuoka with a focus on “fishing” and “fish”. Our guests were Jerry Ukai an illustrator hailing from Shizuoka together with outdoor gear craftsman Mitsuteru Ozaki (aka Jackie Boy Slim)  see more

11月21日発売のPAPERSKY最新号は「釣り」と「魚」をキーワードに静岡各地をめぐる旅を特集。ゲストは静岡出身のイラストレーター、ジェリー鵜飼さんとアウトドアギアクラフトマンのジャッキー・ボーイ・スリムこと尾崎光輝さん… さらに見る

Papersky Japan Stories

TREC Ride with KINTO

Even the places we know well can look totally different when we approach them in a different way. On this occasion, Kiyoko Eto has joined the ‘bread and coffee’ themed ride. She works with food and travel photography and is  see more

よく足を運ぶなじみのある場所でも、アプローチを変えるとまったく違う景色が見えてくることがある。今回、慣れ親しんだ東京の街を「パンとコーヒー」をテーマに自転車で巡ったのは、旅や食にまつわる写真を多く手がける衛藤キヨコ… さらに見る


Papersky Wear


It is a fleece blouson with 6 pockets on the left chest, both hips, both sides, and under the back. Pockets that are easy to put in and out on …
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Papersky Tools

Trail Glove Set

Based in Kagawa, Japan, Handson Grip is hands down Japan’s highest quality glove making and development company. Papersky worked with …
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Papersky Tools

Travel Towel

Known for Mt. Fuji and strawberry’s; Shizuoka’s real fame is it’s  tea fields. This traveler’s towel design shows the hillsides of tea in ‘cha’ green.
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日本の魅力再発見の旅プロジェクト、ツール・ド・ニッポン in 静岡の手ぬぐいは、牧ノ原台地に広がる一面の茶畑をテキスタイルで表現しました。

“With, Mt. Fuji in clear view and birds flying 50 meters from shore our two romantics wade knee high into the surf and cast their lines with all their might so that even their dreams fly long and straight into the Suruga Bay blue. The morning sun rises, and the story begins . . . ”
— Lucas B.B.

from EDITOR’S LETTER 'Fishing in Paradise’ Lucas B.B.

— ルーカス B.B.

from EDITOR’S LETTER「楽園で釣りをする」ルーカス B.B.

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