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Papersky Originals

SHIMANE edition Traveler’s Tenugui

The rope like pattern on this tenugui pay respect to Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine's huge 'Shinto' straw rope, the largest 'shimenawa' in Japan.


An exciting series of ‘tenuguis’ inspired by Papersky’s Tour de Nippon series of bicycle rides across Japan’s rural prefectures. The designs are based on characteristics specific to each area. For instance, the green tea fields of Shizuoka, the rolling sea & udon found in Takamatsu and the black beans of Tanba Sasayama. Other models include OnomichiTottoriShodoshimaIseand Oita. Papersky teamed up with Japanese traditional tenugui maker Kamawanu.

Each towel is hand dyed via the ‘chusen’ method and patterns are hand cut with the greatest care. Tenugui’s have been the towels of choice for Japanese travelers since the Edo times because the specially woven cotton absorbs moisture perfectly while drying in a flash. We recommend beginning your collection with the official red-stripe Papersky Tour de Nippon model.  

Traveler’s Tenugui in SHIMANE
Size: 33cm×90cm
Price : JPY 1,540

To purchase this Traveler's Tenugui in SHIMANE as well as other items in the Papersky Store collection just click on the circle in this banner. The Papersky online Store is a travel shop edited by Papersky magazine featuring: light, compact, simply designed, inspiring and well made stuff from Japan and the world.
text | PAPERSKY photography | Hideaki Hamada