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National Park Sandwich

Aso Takanard Sandwich of
Akaushi Beef and Cage-Free Egg

(Aso-Kuju National Park)




• Ubuyama Village Akaushi beef
• Green Farm Kuju cage-free egg
• Aso Sato Farm Aso Takanard
• Nishida Fruit Garden spicy peach jam
• Nishida Fruit Garden green lemon
• Cafe Karin pain de campagne


The husband wife team from ‘Local Burger’ one of Japan’s best burger shops injected a bit of their deep burger knowledge into our sandwich. They managed to draw out the delicious taste of the Akaushi beef by cooking it rare and seasoning it simply with salt and pepper. After removing the beef from the BBQ heat top it with a generous helping of spicy, mellow Takanard. We add a fun and colorful, contrasting texture with cage-free eggs produced at Green Farm Kuju on the Kuju Plateau. Finish with touches of the sun encapsulated in peach jam and green lemon. Balance out the tender fillings with firm, wholesome pain de campagne. The sandwich makes a full meal on its own—no side dish required!

We drive full on into Kyushu’s National Parks. With each park we explore not only it’s nature but also the diverse culture and people living within them. And collaborate with these individuals (farmers, fisherman, makers) to create 5 original sandwiches representing each of the National Parks.
text | Miguel Utsunomiya photography | Masahiro 'Lai' Arai (SunTalk)