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National Park Sandwich

Spiny Lobster and Citrus
Amakusa Deluxe Sandwich

(Unzen-Amakusa National Park)




・Japanese spiny lobster
・Amakusa Hagukumi bell pepper
・Fukuda Fruit Garden early pick “wase mikan” orange and sudachi
・Takahama district Amakusa Koshu grape
・Amakusa olive oil
・Yoshinaga Bakery koppe-pan (hot dog bun)


The main ingredient of this sandwich is none other than Amakusa’s Japanese spiny lobster. Lightly stir-fry the rich and sweet local lobster together with fresh bell peppers in rapeseed oil. Flavor with salt and pesticide-free olive oil from Fukuda Olive Garden. Sprinkle finely chopped mikan orange peel, sudachi, and Koshu grape. Balance the deluxe filling with an everyday hot dog bun from Yoshinaga Bakery, long loved by the locals. PAPERSKY’s original Amakusa sandwich highlights the tender texture of the lobster while hinting at the fresh scent of mikan orange, grape, and sudachi.

We drive full on into Kyushu’s National Parks. With each park we explore not only it’s nature but also the diverse culture and people living within them. And collaborate with these individuals (farmers, fisherman, makers) to create 5 original sandwiches representing each of the National Parks.
text | Miguel Utsunomiya photography | Masahiro 'Lai' Arai (SunTalk)