Issue 54

Landscape Art

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Ai Sasaki


Editor’s Note

No.54 — SWISS(2017)

Escape to the Swiss Landscape


It is no secret that Papersky absolutely adores Switzerland. And for good reason, Switzerland is a country that values it’s pristine lakes, majestic mountains, healthy forests, spectacular wildflowers, and mineral rich drinking water (usually ranked the cleanest & healthiest in the world!). Switzerland is a country that worships it’s nature with a passion. It is a country that understands to have a society in ‘excellent condition’ means that nature needs to be in ‘excellent condition’. And hence we decided to focus this issue on the extraordinary beauty of the Swiss Landscape.

In this ‘SWISS | landscape art’ issue we began with a simple question: What, Swiss artists have painted iconic scenes of Switzerland’s landscape? We started off with well over 20 names and after much deliberation narrowed our final choices to these six painters: Ferdinand Hodler (p32), Paul Klee (p34), Félix Vallotton (p36), Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (p38), Alois Carigiet (p40) and Giovanni Segantini (p42). We then poured through the catalogues of each artist looking for idyllic Swiss landscapes. Next, we selected one landscape work from each of the artist and from there began to research the location of where the painting was likely created. Once we had pinpointed the location for each Landscape, our journey began!

We traveled extensively through Switzerland heading North, West, East and South in search of the location that we believed was the point of view and inspiration for each art piece. Our journey took us to high peaks, onto lakes, into old towns, small towns, through four UNESCO World Heritage areas, and deep into the unique culture of each location. We found much more than the vantage point of an old masterpiece we found new perspectives on how we view nature as well as to the awesome power that nature provides. So begin to read! And begin to Get Back to Nature!



PAPERSKY Soundtrack For Travelers
SWISS Edition

A list of Songs to enjoy over a cup of coffee, while driving, and of course while flipping through the pages of the Swiss edition of Papersky. 

Selected by:

  1. THE SHOW HAS BEGUN (Live at Montreux) / Marlena Shaw
  2. LITTLE BIRD / Elsie Bianchi Trio
  3. TABOO / The Swedish Modern Jazz Group
  4. JAPAN SUITE (Live at Zurich Jazz Festival) / Metronome Quintet
  5. THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA (Live at The Montreux Jazz Festival) / Ella Fitzgerald
  6. ALEGRIA / Pierre Cavalli
  7. COMING HOME / Levin
  8. ALL THAT IS NOW / Lexx
  9. STELLA / Andreas Vollenweider
  10. WHEN I’M HOME / Melodiesinfonie


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