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ミラクルスパイス号へようこそ。これから読者のみなさんをメキシコ、インド、タイ、そして日本を巡り、チリ・ペッパー(唐辛子)にまつわるあれこれを探す“チリ・ぺッパ一世界旅行”へと誘います。チリ・ペッパーの原産地、メキシコから […]


この度は“PS AIR”を御利用くださいましでありがとうございました。それではみなさん快適な旅をお楽しみください。
Text: ルーカス・バデキ・バルコ
PAPERSKY No.4 Spice! チリ・ペッパーのキセキ
Chile Peppers Heart Up The World
January 2003
A mouth Watering Journey | SPICE | EDITOR’S NOTE -4
Welcome to the SPICE issue. We invite you to come along for a journey through the lands of MEXICO, INDIA, THAILAND and JAPAN in search of CHILE PEPPERS in all their many forms. In MEXICO we’ll introduce you to the wonderful tradition , history and art of “moles” which bring together the orgasmicly delicious tastes of chocolate and chile peppers. In INDIA we’ l go in search of the hottest chile pepper on the planet, the famed and fiery Naga Jolokia , which will burn the brawniest of spice-Iovers more than hot lava. From THAILAND the acclaimed writer, artist, and musician Prabda Yoon cooked us up an original short story. For this trip you’ll need a handkerchief to wipe away the burning kind of tears that only loneliness and capsaicin (the active part in chile peppers that causes heat) can produce. Finally, from JAPAN we are honored to present an interview with the ‘Queen of Peppers’, the indomitable Ms. Mitsuyo Kitamura. Included in this section Kitamura gives gardening tips for planting your own chile peppers at home as well as some delicious chile pepper recipes from around the world. And just in case you travelers still have a craving for spice, from New Mexico, Dave DeWitt contributes some CHILE PEPPER PRESCRIPTIONS that can cure anything from a soar throat to muscle pains
Thank you for traveling with US. Have an enjoyable trip.
Text: Lucas Badtke Berkow
PAPERSKY No.4 Spice! Chile Peppers Heart Up The World
January 2003