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サンフランシスコ、“グッドカンパニー”|Editor’s Note #47

PAPERSKYでは、毎号、特集先を決めるにあたり、各地のストーリーだけでなく、未来を創造するためのヒントを与えてくれるような場所を取材している。今号の取材先はサンフランシスコ・ベイエリア。良き友人でもある「ランドスケー […]


今回はこのエリアで増え続ける、いくつかの“グッドカンパニー”を取材した。Heath Ceramics、Bi・Rite Market、Pladra、St. George Spirits、Ramen Shop、Alite、Juniper Ridge…。彼らのショップやオフィスを訪ね、会社やコミュニティを率いるリーダーと会話し、すぐれたプロダクトやサービスを道具に、より良い社会を築くための会社のあり方やその思想について話を聞いた。
San Francisco in Good Company
Papersky has always been a travel magazine obsessed with both destination as well as story telling and future making. In this issue we travel to San Francisco with our good friend and owner of Landscape Products, Shinichiro Nakahara, to discover how companies are moving beyond the philosophy of creating product purely for the sake of profit and instead focusing on giving birth to well made and designed products and services that also create a healthy and wholesome community. We have decided to label these companies ‘Good Companies’.
San Francisco and the Bay Area are leading the world in creating more ‘Good Companies’ then anywhere else on the planet. These companies are creating positive change in the world and their communities and using their businesses as the force to bring about this change.
In this San Francisco-Bay Area edition we travel to a few of these Good Companies: Heath Ceramics, Bi · Rite Market, Pladra, St. George Spirits, Ramen Shop, Alite and Juniper Ridge. We visit their shops, talk with their leaders and try to convey to you the various ways that each of the above unique and diverse companies are working to create a better world using their products or services as a vehicle for change.
Our hope is that you’ll read the issue, be inspired, and then encourage your fellow employees to also read the issue and share the knowledge of creating a good company. Companies have the power to BE good and to DO good.
Of course for those of you with an adventurous spirit you should read the issue and then make the voyage across the Pacific Ocean. The only thing separating San Francisco and Tokyo is the Pacific– so in many ways the two cities themselves are neighbors. And ‘Good Neighbors’ when working together can create ‘Good Companies’ that in turn when working together can create a ‘Good World’. Now get back to work (play)!
PAPERSKY #47 San Francisco Good Company
2015年4月30日 発売
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