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標高も高く気分も上がる、ニューメキシコ|Editor’s Note #58

ニューメキシコにいると、空に浮かぶ雲に手が届く、ように感じる。地平線の向こうに目をやると、海が見えてくる、ように感じる。夜になると、星々が輝く天の川で頭を洗える、ような気がする。乾燥した砂漠に落ちる雨粒のにおいをかぐと、 […]


画家のジョージア・オキーフは、ニューメキシコに魅せられ、40年以上もの間、この地で絵を描き暮らしていた。オキーフが作品をとおして表現したかったもの、それはニューメキシコの「Outdoor Beauty=自然美」である。オキーフは自身が感銘を受けた風景をそのままに描く才能があった。その風景とは彼女が見たすべてのもの、つまり目に見えるもの、見えないもの全部含めた風景を描く、稀有な画家だった。そして彼女が見せてくれたもの、それは本当のニューメキシコの色であり、「魅惑の地」そのものだった。
Naturally Higher in New Mexico
When in New Mexico you can pick big fluffy clouds out of the sky. Or so it feels. And you’re eyes travel beyond the horizon and see an invisible sea. Or so it feels. And in the evening the Milky Way washes your head with twinkling star dust. Or so it feels. And the smell of a few precious drops of rain hit the dry desert dirt and turn your nose into a snout which effortlessly sucks in the delicious smell of piñóns. Or so it feels. And just as you become drunk on nature a storm of color and light flashes oranges, reds, pinks and greens before your eyes and you begin to glide from one color spectrum to the next as if caught in an endless lullaby. Or so it feels. So it feels. It feels. Feels. Feel!
In New Mexico, I was awe struck by a feeling that I frequently get in Japan but had never felt in the United States. I was struck by a feeling of culture, deep culture, a culture that was respectful of both people as well as the land, I felt this culture in the air, in the artwork, in the crafts, in the pueblo architecture and in the hearts of the individuals we met during our travels. New Mexico is filled with a strong Native American culture, it also has inherited a Spanish culture and Mexican culture and most recently a Western culture. Today these cultures combine to create a truly ‘new’, ‘New Mexico’.
Georgia O’Keeffe who lived in, painted, and explored New Mexico for over 40 years is the focus for our New Mexico ‘Outdoor Beauty’ issue. She was gifted with a talent to literally paint the landscape as she saw it and in doing so bring out it’s spirit for all of us to see. She made visible the invisible and in doing so showed us the true colors of New Mexico, ‘The Land of Enchantment’.
After following in O’Keeffe’s brushstrokes for two weeks we too began to see New Mexico as she did. O’Keeffe once said of New Mexico: “It’s something that’s in the air, it’s just different. The sky is different, the stars are different, the wind is different.” And we at Papersky believe a trip to New Mexico will make you different as well.
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