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オレゴン・トレイルにて|Editor's Note #38

都市部にある公園で園内に約130kmものトレイルのある街が、ほかにあるだろうか? たとえ雨が降っていようともランニングを楽しむ人々がいる州が、ほかにあるだろうか? ナイキの本社があり、アディダスのアメリカ支社のある都市が […]


都市部にある公園で園内に約130kmものトレイルのある街が、ほかにあるだろうか? たとえ雨が降っていようともランニングを楽しむ人々がいる州が、ほかにあるだろうか? ナイキの本社があり、アディダスのアメリカ支社のある都市が、ほかにあるだろうか? アメリカンフットボールの次にトレイルランニングが人気というアメリカの都市が、ほかにあるだろうか? どのメディアにもトレイルランニングにもっとも適した場所として取りあげられる州が、ほかにあるだろうか? つまり、オレゴンの人々は「走る」ことを心から愛しているのだ! 舗装された道路を走るよりもトレイルを好み、森や丘、山を駈けることに喜びを感じるオレゴンのランナーたち。彼らの目的は、レースでよい成績を出すことではない。ただ純粋に走ることが心地よいから走っているのである。
On the Trail in Oregon
What does it tell you about a city which has a public park with 130 kilometers of recreational trails? What does it tell you about a state that even when it’s raining people are running? What does it tell you about a city that is world headquarters to Nike and the U.S. headquarters to Adidas? What does it tell you about a US town where track and field rank second behind American Football? What does it tell you when a majority of print and web media outlets rank a town the best trail-running state in the nation? It tells you one thing. It tells you that Oregonians love to run! And they love to run Green. Oregonians like to wander from the pavement to the park or to the trail. They run through forests, over hills and up mountains and they generally are running not to compete or make a better time or even to train for a race- they are running because that’s what they love to do.
Green Running gets Oregonians high and makes them feel good. They run for fun to enjoy the mossy and green forests, to listen to the birds, to be invigorated by waterfalls, to enjoy a riverside view and mainly to soak in the power of nature.
Papersky journeyed to Portland, Eugene and Ashland, Oregon and met with a growing breed of runners called ‘TRAIL’ runners. These are folks who prefer to run on dirt rather then city cement. They feel more comfortable with trees over their head rather then high-rise buildings. They prefer to breathe in fresh air rather then exhaust from cars. Trail runners are a new type of runners- they are Green Runners. Trail running is extremely popular in the Western United States and the annual “Western States 100” is one of the oldest and most prestigious trail running events in the world. This issues special guest, Hal Koerner, is a two-time champion of the “Western States 100” and a resident of Ashland, Oregon. If Hawaii is an icon for surfing and Italy one for bicycle riding, or Brazil for Soccer- then Oregon is the iconic place for ‘Trail Running’. We hope this issue inspires you to hit the trail.
This story originally appeared in PAPERSKY’s OREGON | Green trail Issue (no.38)
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