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心を静かに、集中して、ハワイ島リトリートの旅へ|Editor’s Note #56

ハワイ島へリトリートの旅に出る前に、自分の体がエネルギーで満たされていることを想像してみて。そして十分満たされていると感じたら、それをどんなことに使いたい? 魂のため? からだのため?誰かのため? それとも夢を実現するた […]


ハワイ島へリトリートの旅に出る前に、自分の体がエネルギーで満たされていることを想像してみて。そして十分満たされていると感じたら、それをどんなことに使いたい? 魂のため? からだのため?誰かのため? それとも夢を実現するため? 
Calm your mind. Find focus. RETREAT to Hawai‘i.
Before packing your bags and heading to Hawaii’s ‘Big Island’ think what you’ll do with all the extra energy you’ll soon be gaining. Will you use it to better your soul? body? relationships? Or will you use it to ‘fulfill’ a dream.
One thing is certain, a trip to Hawai‘i is not for the light of heart and not a place to go to ‘relax’. It’s a destination for those that want to be ‘re-born’ to create a new chapter in their lives. It’s a place that literally oozes with natures power. It’s a place that charges your body & mind to the max and shows you the ‘way’ to a ‘better’ and a ‘new’ you. It’s the ultimate RETREAT destination.
For those of you, unfamiliar with the word ‘RETREAT’: Retreating is a new way to travel and it’s tremendously popular amongst Millennials (young adults in their 20’s-30’s). But, it’s not just Millennials, more and more ‘Travelers’ in general want vacations that enhance their physical, mental and/or spiritual well being. And when a vacation accomplishes one or more of these later goals it’s called a RETREAT.
Retreats very on their focus, some include yoga classes, some meditation, others swimming in the ocean, hiking in the forest, and even farming is offered for some Retreat programs. And all ‘good’ retreats include eating ‘healthy’, ‘organic’, ‘fresh’ and ‘local’ foods.
Retreats also help us to re-connect ourselves with the nature we are innately a part of. To discover we are not an entity outside of nature but that we are nature and that it is the power of the sea, the heat of the volcano, the wetness of the jungle, the gravity of the moon, and the energy of the sun that give us the power to ‘live’.
If you’re ready to tap into your ‘natural’ energy and become a healthier, more focused, more energetic version of yourself then jump on the next rainbow and RETREAT to Hawai’i.