In the Spring of 2002, Knee High Media Japan began working on PAPERSKY magazine. Since then PAPERSKY has steadily amassed a sophisticated, well-informed and progressive readership drawn to the magazine’s distinctive celebration of a life of travel. PAPERSKY is a record of the spirit of the places or skies it passes beneath, as passing through the pages of the magazine is a journey in itself. PAPERSKY is a door to the world and each issue features unique stories and stunning photography which offers readers the sensation of travel, and inspires them to actually make a trip in a new way.

PAPERSKY Clubs & PAPERSKY Tour de Nippon
clubs:  bicycle, food, mountain, book, japan

PAPERSKY may well be one of the first magazines to create an extremely active club culture as part of its brand. We feature five clubs: mountain, bicycle, food, book and japan. Several times a year some or all of the clubs come together in various locations throughout Japan to bring the spotlight to Japan’s rural communities. Updates on all the club activities can be found on this site as well as on the PAPERSKY Facebook page.


In 2012 PAPERSKY opened an online travel shop featuring items that are light, compact, simply designed, inspiring and well-made. Many of the items are originally designed and are crafted in Japan or elsewhere in the world via folks we’ve met on our travels.

Knee High Media Japan, Inc.

Knee High Media was founded in 1996 by Lucas Badtke-Berkow. The company has been
the brain and creative mechanism behind some of Japan and the world’s most innovative and influential magazines: Japanese culture magazine TOKION (1996), kid’s magazine MAMMOTH (2000), travel magazine PAPERSKY (2002), free paper Metro Min. (2002) and botanical magazines PLANTED & PLANTS + TV (2009). Besides creating unique magazines, Knee High Creative also edits and produces websites, shops, clothing, events, advertising and branding.

Lucas Badtke-Berkow

Born in Baltimore, USA in 1971 and raised in San Francisco. Lucas came to Japan in 1993 and established Knee High Media Japan inc. in 1996. When the first issue of his culture magazine TOKION was published, his fresh point of view attracted young people in Japan and around the world. While publishing travel and lifestyle magazine PAPERSKY and kids magazine MAMMOTH, he also worked as chief editor and creative director on various media such as Metro min. (Starts Publishing) and Planted (The Mainichi Newspaper). His activities  now go beyond print media and he also organizes and produces events such as “MAMMOTH pow-wow”, an outdoor music and camp festival for families, and “The Tour de Nippon”, an event to travel around Japan and promote Japan’s rural communities.


Web Director

Fast River
David Macklem

Fast River is a small design company in Okayama City.

Japanese Edition Managing Editor

Manabu Yamamoto and Erina Yamamoto

This husband and wife unit make up Team Yum-Yum. They’ve been the driving editorial force behind the Japanese-language version of PAPERSKY for the past 5 years. Be sure to check out their personal homepage as well.

Knee High Media Japan

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