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Traveler’s Coffee | On The Road Blend

, 2018/09/10

These compact ‘Traveler’s Coffee’ coffee packs will make your trips both in your mind as well as in reality nearly ideal. Papersky partnered up with our favorite coffee connoisseurs over at the Be A Good Neighbor coffee kiosk to create a blend that tasted great wherever your travels make take you. We kept the fresh roast slightly fruity and light to give you a happy high around the world. This easy to use pack straddles easily over your mug or drinking bottle- so all you need to do is add hot water. Have a cup and let your next adventure begin!

Traveler’s Coffee | On The Road Blend
¥925 JPY

* 1 set = 5 packs of coffee



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Pegs & Pens Case

Papersky & garage brand Hariyama Productions teame […]

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Mackerel or saba was delivered to Kyoto from the Japan […]

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Insect Repellent Soy Candle

This soy candle is a natural traveling companion. It&#8 […]

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Travel On! | Klean Kanteen Bottle

This Fresh Pine green colored Klean Kanteen original Pa […]

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PAPERSKY All-Weather Sticker

These Papersky icon airplane stickers are built to last […]

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NAGA | Nao Tsuda

“NAGA” is the second publication following “SAMELAND”, […]

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NOTEBOOK-06 | mirror mirror

Photographer, Miho Kakuta, has put together a beautiful […]

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HELLO SANDWICH | tokyo guide | Ebony Bizys

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Ise & Toba Travel Towel

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Porlex Mini Coffee Mill

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Flat Pouch

Simple and clear these pouches come in three sizes and […]

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Kiya Nail Clipper

This travel sized nail clipper is made by the famous kn […]

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We’ve got you covered from A-Z thanks to one of our fav […]

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Tooth Brush “BRILLO”

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B.B. ‘Organic’- T

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Ametsuchi Sake Cups

These oversized sake cups- make for the perfect toast. […]

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“Clear Sky” Travel Incense Case

Born in Japan’s bamboo craft capital Beppu, Oita. […]

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Hiker’s Towel w/ Small Carabiner

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Reflector + Tipi-Carabiner|PAPERSKY STORE

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Bike ‘n Hike Bag

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Multi-T | Icebreaker × Papersky × Groovisions

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Merino Long -T | Icebreaker × Papersky × Groovisions

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The name ‘POP pen’ comes from the sound thi […]

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Around the World Pants|PAPERSKY STORE

‘Around the World Pants’ a collaboration be […]

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Speedo Sack

Any traveler will surely be flying high with this light […]

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Sunglass Bag

After a day in extreme sun we usually hit the sack exha […]

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Reflector + Tipi-Carabiner

Reflectors are a low cost but high impact safety travel […]

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Small Pocket Knife

The husband wife painting unit Hitotzuki painted a mura […]

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Nara 3 year Organic Bancha

Papersky has selected two of Japan’s best tasting […]

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Light Towel & Scarf

This ‘made in japan’ towel & scarf is […]

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Japan Travel Towel

An exciting series of ‘tenuguis’ inspired by Papersky’s […]

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Traveler’s Coffee

These compact ‘Traveler’s Coffee’ cof […]

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We teamed up with the incredibly talented stationary de […]

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Tote Bag made with Love

In Japan Indigo Dying, aizome often called ‘Japan […]


Paper Plane Key Holder

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Smartphone Stand Keyprop

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NIL | Mt. Fuji Badge

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Papersky Tote Bag

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Nalgene Bottle (500ml)

A light weight virtually indestructible drinking bottle […]


Ikeuchi Organic Papersky Hiker’s Towel

Made with organic cotton and bamboo this towel feels li […]

Papersky ‘So Cool!’ Water Bottle

Papersky ‘So Cool!’ Water Bottle

Papersky teamed up with artist Dustin Klein, founder of […]


Juniper Ridge -Wilderness Perfume | Big Sur

Big Sur in a 1 ounce bottle. Perfect for home or trail […]


RIO & BOSSA NOVA NIGHT / live music & talk

Papersky and Osklen present a special Rio de Janeiro ev […]


Chico Bag | Eco Travel Bag

The Chico Bag ‘Orignial’ is the compact reusable bag th […]

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Japan made Diagnl camera straps are the smart traveller […]

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Stussy Rain Shoes

Stussy Livin’ GENERAL STORE has teamed up with Japan&#8 […]

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Classic “Paper Logo”-T

In 2002 Papersky teamed up with good friend Benjiman So […]

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Skateboard | OKA ‘Natural Traveler’

A sleek mid-sized skateboard with a distinctive fishtai […]

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Nalgene Bottle

A light weight virtually indestructible drinking bottle […]

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Traveler’s Coffee “On The Road” Blend

These compact ‘Traveler’s Coffee’ cof […]

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